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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

It’s been over two months since the incident with PUP Belize Rural North Standard Bearer, Arthur Saldivar, occurred. It is alleged that he accompanied Melanie Coye to the Central Bank sometime in mid June to retrieve Coye’s 1.6 million dollars as ordered by the court.

The loot, it is alleged, was placed in two separate carrying cases, one containing $940,000 and the other $660,000. It is alleged that Saldivar might have made off with the bigger haul and has reportedly failed to turn it in to its rightful owner, an allegation Saldivar denies in one breath while in the other he speaks about the client owing him legal fees to the tune of 100% of the clients rescued funds.

Something is not right here. The client has since engaged the services of Eamon Courtenay. Saldivar lashes back at Courtenay, with the allegation of the 3.34 million dollars from the Belize Social Security Board that is alleged to have been misappropriated by Courtenay’s Father, Harry, when he served as Chair of the Belize Social Security Board in the 1990’s.

A serious allegation has been looming, for more than 2 months, over the head of a senior member of his party yet the Leader of the Opposition seems weak and unable to take action in the face of alleged serious wrongdoing on the part of a senior member of his party.

Why on earth has the Leader of the Opposition not summoned the accused to his office to find out what transpired? Why has he not called in the client’s attorney who appears to be his political and professional colleague? Why has he not visited the virtual complainant to get to the bottom of this scandal? Why has he not taken immediate action on this matter?

Contrast the actions of the Leader of the Opposition with that of the Leader of the Party in Government. The Opposition Leader is confronted with a single allegation against a senior member of his party. Over two months has passed and he is yet to take “decisive” action. Any action taken at this stage can hardly be described as being “immediate”.

On the other hand, the Leader of the Party in Government has been confronted with a myriad of instances in which immediate action was required to be taken and he has never failed to take QUICK remedial action. The Leader of the Party in government has renationalized our electricity company. He has renationalized our telephone company. He has secured the return of the diverted millions of dollars from the Venezuelan government funds that were intended to assist his people in need. He is ensuring that Belizeans are finally benefiting from the Petro Caribe funds. He has renegotiated the burdensome super bond inherited from a previous opposition administration. With the establishment of the Belize Solid Waste Management Authority, he has ensured the channeling of funds from the environmental tax into its intended purpose, being funds that were diverted into other ventures by the previous opposition administration while our burning and smoking garbage dump sites presented a real health hazard to all Belizeans. He has rescued the sugar industry. He has rescued the citrus industry. He immediately summoned a serving member of his cabinet, armed himself with the facts and took “immediate and decisive” action to rectify the situation. He has dismissed an entire board of directors and took action against the minister implicated in wrongdoing. He has made funds available for salary increases for all public officers and pensioners. More recently he has ordered the discontinuance of criminal proceedings against protesting sanitation workers. He has taken action to ensure that these same sanitation workers are never again left without collecting their salaries and wages. And just this week he was instrumental in addressing the demands of protesting citizens in San Jose Succotz. The Leader of the Party in Government has been developing the nation like it has never been developed before, all without raising a single national tax or selling a single passport.

There are many more firm actions, unknown to us, that Prime Minister Dean Barrow has taken to positively address situations as they arise for the benefit of the people he serves.

When will the leader of the opposition take action in the singular matter currently rocking his party to the very core? The difference in leadership is as clear as day is to night.