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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

It has supposedly been in the works for just over a year now, but Greg Ch’oc, the controversial Executive Director of SATIIM, will take a break from leadership, and in a very nepotistic manner his sister-in-law, FroylaTzalam, will take over the post.

Ch’oc, who’s been leading the organization for 17 years now, will be leaving to go study law at the University of the West Indies Cavehill Campus in Barbados. His reasons are that he intends to help SATIIM and the Indigenous communities by building capacity as a lawyer. What he has never made public is who is funding his legal pursuit. The Guardian understands that it is through a scholarship which is offered to indigenous people and which ought to have been made publicly available for members of that community and taken up by some young deserving individual. Instead Ch’oc took it and is now leaving.

This came as no surprise howeve, as it is widely know that the leaders who have been advocating against the drilling of oil in the southern part of the country have actually been creaming either for themselves or their family members. Most recently the sister of an activist returned with a law degree, also through a scholarship that ought to have been made publicly available. Then there is the issue that direct family members of the past director are hired at the offices of SATIIM and even more poignant is that SATIIM rents office space in a building owned by Ch’oc himself. Those are but a few instances of outright abuse and now there is a new director to SATIIM.

The new face of SATIIM will be FroylaTzalam, who ran for the position of chairman of the Ladyville Village Council under the PUP in the last round of elections. She is also Ch’oc’s sister-in-law, which goes right in line with what has always happened at that organization of family and associates.

But, while that is the issue on the public profile of SATIIM, in the background, there is still the unresolved embezzlement from the organization in which over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, cannot be located at this time. David Duncan Jr. has been cleared of all charges in the Magistrate’s Court, but Ch’oc has written to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal or reinstate those charges against him. He has announced also that SATIIM will bring a private claim against Duncan in the Supreme Court, which is expected to be filed shortly.