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Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

In the legal circle both circumstantial and substantial evidence is admissible in the court of law, so I always try my best to produce evidence. History is there to validate my statement that Punta Gorda Town is a town that has been neglected for many years under the People's United Party. Mayor Fuentes went into office in 2012 and continues his party's legacy of neglecting this municipality. Well the evidence is there to show that the United Democratic Party is doing massive infrastructure work across the country. Punta Gorda Town has benefited from this massive infrastructure work. West street will be completed in a few more weeks and the concreting of other main vein streets in Punta Gorda Town is about to commence.

A few weeks ago, I saw a television interview with Mayor Anthony Fuentes where he cried foul play, mentioning that his party is not in power. Prior to the 2012 municipal election Fuentes told the residents of Punta Gorda Town, that if he wins the 2012 Town Council election (he never said if he and his party wins) that he would uplift the overall image of Punta Gorda Town in the areas of infrastructure, sanitation, and economic development. Mayor Fuentes' term in office is almost complete, and he has done nothing for this municipality and he still has the heart to run again in the upcoming Municipal election that will be held in the next seven months. He is trying to take credit for a work he has never done, a work plan that was drafted by the 2009 - 2012 UDP Town Council that Ms. Fern Gutierrez was a part of. Mayor Fuentes must realize that despite the fact that the UDP didn’t win the municipal nor general election in the south, the United Democratic Party under the leadership of Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow never once held back development in Punta Gorda Town. Every municipality in this country has received its fair share of the pie, so there is no reason for him to be crying foul play.

The current PUP Town Council is collecting $23,000 monthly in subventions and also collects additional revenues from trade license, garbage collection fee, property tax; this also includes revenues from the traffic department. In Punta Gorda Town, there are several businesses in addition to a number of registered vehicles, you do the math my friends on the amount of revenues this town council collects. With all of that revenue collected, we are not getting our value for money; for instance, the garbage situation is in the most deplorable state that we have seen in decades. In the labour force, a persons salary is fixed by his qualification, and his pay raise is based on his work performance but Mayor Fuentes has done absolutely nothing for this municipality and he pays himself $4,000 monthly. How can Mayor Fuentes have the audacity to collect $4,000 on a monthly basis when he is not addressing the main issues that affects this town on a weekly basis? He is unable to do simple task such as buying a tire for the compactor truck. Mayor Fuentes is the chief executive officer in this municipality and he continues to display on a weekly basis, lack of managerial skills needed to manage this town.

When the UDP Town Council left office in 2012, they left the council in perfect shape. The UDP Town Council of 2009 - 2012 created some plans that would have eradicated some of the problems the town is currently facing. The previous UDP Town Council created sanitation and a drainage unit and there were equipment to back up these units. These units no longer exist at the Punta Gorda Town Council and Mayor Fuentes is trying to get rid of the backhoe and the remains of the yellow garbage truck simply because he is unable to buy a few parts, oil and diesel. . Why get rid of these equipment that is needed to help the town in the area of garbage and drainage. When we as a town should be going forward, Mayor Fuentes is taking us backwards due to his lack of vision, lack of managerial skills and his low score in his job appraisal. Mayor Fuentes HAS TO GO!

Ms. Fern Gutierrez and six other persons have submitted their names to run for the United Democratic Party in the upcoming municipal election in 2015. These persons are individuals that possess the necessary skills needed to manage this town. These individuals I highly respect and I am highly confident that these individuals can move this town forward in 2015. These individuals are dedicated mothers, fathers, teachers and a nurse. Teachers and people in the medical profession are persons I consider to be the pillar of a nation, they help in the shaping of a nation. As for me Hansel Warrior, a voter and a resident of Punta Gorda Town I have no problem with the majority being teachers running for the 2015 municipal election. I will say that a teacher leaves a foot print in every profession because persons who are in other fields other than teaching had to be taught and prepared by a teacher for that field. Teachers produce lawyers, doctors, engineers, economist, accountants etc. The point I am trying to make is that anyone can run for public office despite the profession that they are in. However, honesty must be a part of that person's character. For instance you can have a person that is trained in the field of civil engineering, accounting, law or any field for that matter and if they are “crooked-no-hell” they will be of no use for the town.