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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

If you have been a resident of Belize City for the past thirty years, you would have noticed that a lot has changed since then.  The demographics certainly speak a different story today as compared with 1984. Older folks speak of a time when everyone was their brother’s keeper and when everyone knew each other’s child. Everyone had the authority to correct that child if found committing wrongdoings. In 1987 the United Democratic Party Government created the SIS- Secret Intelligence Service. There is no denying the success that this unit had in curbing the nascent crime wave which was afflicting Belize at the time. It was vehemently criticized by the PUP and in 1989 after winning the elections; the first order of business for the PUP was to disband the SIS.  Something went terribly wrong after around 1990. The system broke down and we started to see an escalation in crime like never witnessed before in Belize. This was a little after the PUP won the general elections in 1989. In 1993 the UDP was once again elected to office and robust, no-nonsense strategies were implemented within the police department to tackle the crime which was spiraling out of control. Under the UDP the Dragon Unit, Violent Criminals Apprehension Program, Internal Affairs Department, and the Violent Crimes Intelligence Unit – VIU were formed.Under the then Commissioner Ornel Brooks these units restored back the confidence of the public in the police department. With this infusion of refreshed fervor, the department managed to arrest the crime situation especially in the old capital. The Crimes Investigation Branch at the time had a team of dedicated hard working officers who went above and beyond the call of duty. The patrolling officers made their presence felt and the crime was back down. This does not mean that the present officers in these branches are not equally hard working but the crime situation has grown exponentially and seemingly overwhelming these officers.  In comes the PUP in 1998 and the first order of business was to “restructure” the police department. What a disaster that turned out to be. The Belize City based CIB and Patrol Branch personnel were redeployed to other parts of the country. Crimes Investigation Branch was especially targeted and a team of officers, who had effectively managed to contain the crime situation in the city, were transferred to stations across the country. Thus began the degeneration of what was a relatively peaceful city. The statistics will show that the escalation of crime started in earnest after the year 2000. There was no reprieve until the UDP won again in 2008. By this time the crime had spiraled out of control and murders were at an all-time high. Murders were being committed at a staggering rate and with apparent impunity. And now thanks to the crime fighting strategies which were implemented by the UDP administration crimes and especially murders were brought down significantly compared to 2005. In July of this year the murder rate was at 14 less than the previous year which was the best year since 2000. The record has shown over and over that it is the United Democratic Party that has resolved this country’s crime crisis over and over again.

It is now the year 2014 and this administration has in its crime fighting arsenal an elite unit of specially trained officers to combat the remnants of what we call gangs in Belize. This unit, the Gang Suppression Unit has admittedly had a number of hiccups in its developmental stage. It is also a fact that this unit has removed a significant amount of drugs and weapons of the streets of BelizeCity and country. The GSU has garnered a decent degree of respect from “the streets” and “hoodlums” are very careful how they conduct themselves when this unit is around. If that is what it takes to keep criminals in check, then so be it. It is not a panacea much less a placebo but hey…it works.

Well now it appears that the PUP is at it again… in destructive mode. They are now saying, Said in particular, that the first order of business if, and that is a big “IF”they win they will disband the GSU. Imagine the b***s on these unscrupulous politicians threatening a state. This is tantamount to agitating and inciting the criminal element to do as they please because they will be buttressed by the PUP. It has now become historically obvious that it is not in the best interest of the PUP for the Police department to have effective crime fighting units and strategies. It begs the question why. It also elicits the suggestion that criminals would never want an effective police department to exist; it is not in their best interest. Is it that the accusation made by Hubert Elrington, that the PUP is ”a criminal organization involved in politics” has been galvanized by Said Musa’s declaration that“if I have my way; if I have anything to do with it that one of the first things the PUP will do: out with the GSU”. The great consolation to the Belizean people is that the PUP has NO COME BACK FI COME BACK.