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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

After 15 years of being a representative in the Lake Independence constituency with a legacy of doing absolutely nothing, Cordel Hyde, returned to the People’s United Party. We must be specific that he returned to the People’s United Party because he did not return to the people of Lake Independence, after all he was never there for them. He has absolutely nothing that he can point to or say were his accomplishments while he represented (or not) the people in that division.

He had the audacity to stand on the podium and claim that the people of Lake I were clamoring for his return, but is that really the truth? We are sure that can’t be so. Under his 15 years, Lake I was simply stagnant, there was nothing done by way of infrastructure, education, health or housing in that division. We can say however that in those 15 years under Hyde, the people of the constituency were treated with great disregard. Clinics were held but in order to be seen by Hyde people had to fight for a few tickets that were thrown over the verandah of the education building behind the Mahogany street complex building. And those who were strong enough to get a number were given mere pittances to pay a water bill or an electricity bill.

 Then he claims he did so much in education as minister, what we can recall is that it was under him that perhaps the biggest scandal in the education ministry erupted where it was discovered that university scholarships were given to toddlers.

In the latter years of his tenure we thought he had come to his senses and began to publicly lambaste those at the top of the PUP hierarchy for sinking the country into disastrous public debts. He would finally part ways with the PUP and even refused to run for them in the 2012 General Elections. We were certain that the Malignant Tumors were the cause of his departure. At the time he pretended like he could not stomach them any longer. Lo and behold at his endorsement the very two who drove this country into the brink of bankruptcy and who Hyde so detested were right there, he says they may not have been around a campfire singing cumbaya but they sure looked mighty cozy with one another. He was seated at the right side of Fonseca. Maybe it is that he too is eyeing the leadership of that party or maybe it is that he was placed there specifically because he cannot be trusted.

Be that as it may, Cordel’s return to Lake I frightens no one, he has an empty legacy to boast on and if he were a truly from Lake I he would have looked to the back of the very stage where he ranted from and realized that Vernon street is being prepared to be concreted. He would have also been able to note that the streets that he drives on a daily basis are concreted. Of course he is not there and has never represented or he would have seen his people hard at work on Central American Boulevard and the new Lake Independence Bridge.

The reality on the ground is that Hon. Mark King has done much, much more in two and a half years than Cordel can even begin to dream of having done in 15. Lake I now has concrete streets, a new bridge in the making, a new boulevard, food pantry, BOOST, educational assistance, CXC’s being paid, land regularization programs and the list goes on and on. Cordel gave Lake I, absolutely nothing. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting
Nobody fraid fi you Cordel. Bring it!