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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

Channel 5 has lost their claim to objectivity a long time ago but they still play an extremely important roll in the dissemination of information or mis-information here in Belize. Many Belizeans get their news from this television station with the most resources and their pieces are often featured on regional outlets. Unfortunately, the once highly regarded news agency continues to sink to the level of gossip tabloids as its appetite for sensationalism continues to expand.

Channel 5 is definitely not the only news station accused of being sensational and they may not even be the most sensational in Belize. However, they almost certainly produce the most skewed news in the region and their polling is nothing but a joke.

The Channel 5 poll has always rubbed objective viewers the wrong way. The questions are framed in a certain way to get a desired result that would further their anti-government agenda – very crafty. However, looking at its most recent poll, Channel 5 has simply gone too far. Forget about framing a question to get a desired result! Channel 5 has now chosen to simply give you the answer they are looking for. Fresh off the PUP’s announcement that they will disband the Gang Suppression Unit, Channel 5 “asks” its viewers: “Do you believe that the GSU should be disbanded?”

In this poll, Channel 5 is not taking any chances. Viewers can select one of two options: YES or YES. What agenda is Channel 5 pushing?