El Progresso Primary School in Cayo has difficulties Print E-mail
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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

It was the start of the school year for primary school children around Belize on September the first, but for one school in the Cayo District, as of Tuesday, classes were yet to begin as normal. Parents turned up with their children on Monday of this week at the El Progresso Primary School in El Progresso Village at Mile 7 on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road, only to find that the Principal was not present. As a result parents had refused to leave their children alone at the school, concerned as to who was going to be the Principal and who was in charge of the school.

There now seems to be a small group of villagers from El Progresso that are standing up against the Principal Pedro Cano and others are in his support as he is well liked in the village. Earlier in June of this year a letter was in circulation relating to Cano, an investigation had ensued, but no action was taken by the education authorities until recently, when he was placed on administrative leave. Allegations in the letter are that he behaved inappropriately, he is also accused of duct-taping the mouths of some students. There is a possibility that Pedro Cano could go back to teaching if the findings show that he had always been a good Principal.

Principal Education Officer and Manager of the Cayo District Education Center Luis Carballo did not wish to elaborate on the circumstances on Tuesday.