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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

Not since the litany of scandals and indignities which were orchestrated between 1998 and 2008 has the People’s United Party dominated the national headlines for two consecutive weeks. Last week it was Saldivar and his alleged million dollar daylight heist from his former client and this week began with Cordel’s so-called “return”.

Saldivar’s particular drama continued unfolding from Monday evening to Friday morning past when his committee came in from Belize Rural North and staged a protest in front of Independence Hall. An all-around waste of time, people have commented, since no protest in the past has ever had much influence on the PUP’s mindset. They, like some religious leaders, believe in being infallible. And so Saldivar today continues on suspension, with the likelihood of being removed as Standard Bearer.

 Personally I think Saldivar’s entire political career is over. And to think, this is the same man who once aspired to be PUP Party Leader, but is now considered crude and rude by his own colleagues. Then again, I can’t blame them, since the majority of us Belizeans share that same opinion of the man, don’t you think?

What really sent Saldivar to the dungeons of his Party was not when he allegedly walked away with the lady’s property; it was when Courtenay was retained to recover the $904,000. Instead of acting cool when informed of the charge being made by his former client, the quixotic attorney actually began calling names on the air, openly threatening that if taken to court he would ask what happened to the $3.34 million from Social Security. Now we have never heard any PUP mention that $3.34 million, better yet against a Courtenay, so this was indeed an amazing proclamation!

I will now move on to the political convention which was called to welcome back the purported prodigal son, Cordel, who walked away from the Ashcroft-controlled PUP 6 years ago, only to return to the same PUP on  Saturday 30 August.  Truth be told, I cannot see how anyone with a drop of blood in his veins could have done something like that. I’m serious!

Being one to have followed the writings of the “Old” PUP in the publication called “The National Perspective”, I can tell you that there were no holds barred when Musa and Fonseca attacked the Hydes, father and son, in equal vicious fashion. The adjectives and expressions in the “Perspective” used to describe them were so vulgar and offensive in context that they make Saldivar’s idiosyncrasies appear like that of British gentry. To top it off, Cordel was actually seen clapping at Musa’s ramblings; no trace of shame on his face. One commentator said that politics is the art of the possible, but this PUP spectacle came across as totally repulsive.

As to the ancient Musa and his bombastic speech at the convention, he got what he had coming from the GSU Inspector for his reckless statements about this police unit. The GSU leader did not mince words in his interview on Love Television when he referred to Musa’s actions as “treacherous” and “irresponsible”. Add these adjectives to the description, “malignant tumor”, which the CCJ referred to Musa and Fonseca as being, then you will get the picture of the character of these men who once again aspire to lead our country.  Rotten to the core, this crowd is, and they will never change.