Perfilio “Champagne” Rodriguez Not Properly Dressed for court Print E-mail
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Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00

Perfilio Rodriguez, better known as Vanessa Champagne Paris, almost missed his court appointment on Friday, August 29, because he showed up inappropriately dressed. Rodriguez prefers to dress like a woman but this was not the reason he was refused entry into the courtroom of Magistrate Herbert Panton. Rodriguez appeared at court late (after 10 a.m.) dressed in blue tight jeans and a white shirt but he was wearing slippers on his feet. The female security officer refused to allow him to enter the court room and he became angry and confrontational. According to eyewitness, Rodriguez charged pass the security officer to see the clerk of court. The clerk also refused to allow him to enter in slippers and Rodriguez was forced to go purchase a tennis shoe. Rodriguez did not get back to court until around 11 a.m.    

In court Magistrate Panton asked Rodriguez why was he late in the first instance. Rodriguez said, “My bus just came in from Mango Creek, remember I now live out there.” Usually when you are late for court a bench warrant is issued for your arrest. Though Rodriguez’s name had already been called outside and he was absent, his matter had not been dealt with in court so a bench warrant was not issued. Magistrate Panton instructed Rodriguez to visit the Police Prosecution Branch for his case disclosure and adjourned the matter for October 10.

Rodriguez is in court for allegedly assaulting Kaleb Orosco’s sister, Golda Orosco, on Sunday, June 29, at their home on Zericote Street.