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Written by By: Kristen Jimenez   
Thursday, 04 September 2014 16:56

Your brother, sister, mother, grandparents- all of us- experience a world of corruption; a world where the only quick escape is harm. The words used of shame and sorrow hurt not only the individual spoken to, but the world also as a whole. No doubt, each of us has inflicted some type of pain in another individual's life. Sitting down thinking about the pain and suffering caused in people’s lives helps to demonstrate the importance of love in the world. We often times experience a level of discomfort from pretty much everyone we come in contact with, and they have experienced similar levels of discomfort from us as well. This anxiety ranges from a mere tickle in the stomach to pain that makes your eyes shine with trickles of pure sadness. This leads us to believe that in a world of such incredible pain, we need something to lean on. From the words of the great Beatles themselves, I believe that “all we need is love”.

Growing up in a diverse neighborhood, it is difficult to show this form of compassion to everyone around you. Truth be told, we don't interact with half of our existing neighbors. It is especially difficult being the minority, like some of us have experienced. Minorities seem to constantly be divided because they are different, which makes it that much more thorny to demonstrate love to people. Remember like a leopard cannot change his/her spots, people cannot change the way they have been genetically made up either. Acceptance is the key in a society of love.

Imagine a white person being a minority; always getting made fun of for being different in every which way. It is a hard way of life, but the best way to go into that situation like every other, is with a positive attitude. Therefore, when walking around town or in school, being on the absolute bottom of the list presents its challenges to be positive. Despite the challenges however, we should strive to seek out the positivity.

But as the Beatle’s song progresses on, “There’s nothing you can’t do that can’t be done” because all you need is love. Show these people love in every way you could think of, because it is the right thing to do. And let me tell you it will make the world of difference. Love is the only thing that can help make every situation better because its power goes beyond everything else. I believe that love can help accomplish anything, including making the most out of a situation or a relationship. They never said that showing people love will be an easy thing to do, but it does help to build something that a lot of people these days are lacking- character.

Although we often struggle showing love for people, one of the most important things is that we at least try. The journey that this love takes you on will make you never want to look back, because as the Bible says, in Proverbs, “Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs”. Let's build a world of unity and love.