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Thursday, 23 June 2016 00:00

palmar.jpg - 58.50 KbElections for village councils continued on Sunday June 19 and the work of the UDP continues to be appreciated with villages that have never gone UDP now doing so. Key villages across the country, including Hopkins and Palmar now have UDP representation. These villages in the past have never gone UDP but now they boast UDP chairmen and 6 councilors. They join 24 other villages which chose to go UDP as well

Among those villages is Xaibe which has also had a tradition of voting for PUP and now for the second consecutive time has gone UDP. Silk Grass which also was a traditional PUP village has also gone to the UDP with the chairman and the majority of councilors being UDP.

In total there are 24 villages voted for the UDP in the last round of elections where there were 35 which were contested.

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