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Friday, 09 November 2018 00:00

By 7:00p.m. on Sunday November 4th the ballots had been counted for the Cayo North East convention. A total of 1,838 ballots were cast. Of these 27 were rejected and Salvador Fernandez received 541 votes, Mayor Earl Trapp Jr. received 632 and the winner turned out to be former Mayor John August Jr. with 638 votes.

It was one of the closest conventions we have observed and the tale of how it ended could have been anticipated from very early in the morning. The polls were opened at 9 in the morning and even before the boxes were ready to receive the votes, supporters for all the candidates had lined up outside of the polling station, ready to cast their votes.

The day proceeded calmly with intermittent chants for any of the three candidates as a steady stream of voters made their way into the St. Andrews Anglican School in San Ignacio. It remained that way until closing time at 5 and even then there were long queues of voters waiting their turn to vote. It was not until closer to 6 that all persons had cast their votes and within an hour’s time the results were out.

Before making the final announcement, former party chairman Doug Singh noted that there was no animosity in the convention and more importantly the candidates have vowed to support each other in the next General Elections. For his part, after being sworn in, John August thanked all the supporters who came out to support him and the other two candidates. He noted that the work now starts and that he would be visiting all the voters in the division to ensure a victory in the next General Elections. He said that he will work hard to do so and noted that the convention has not generated any bad blood. The last time around he said he lost by a very narrow margin which he hopes to overcome this time around.


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