“I could see clearly how significant the leadership roles of my two older sons had become, one in politics and the other in media and union activities.” Print E-mail
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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Friday, 07 December 2018 00:00

Evan X  Hyde was very careful in his choice of words for his FROM THE PUBLISHER dated  December  1, 2018. Significant is an adjective that means:” Sufficiently important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy.” I have always maintained that not enough attention was paid to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and to Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin? They are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings. Scrutinize ALL leaders.

I agree with X one hundred percent! The roles of his two older sons must be studied very, very carefully. Cordel is infamous for “The Baby Scholarship Scam,” for the closing of The Belize Technical College and for doing absolutely NOTHING for the poor of Lake Independence. Let us look at each of these in a little more detail. A good education is one of the few proven ways that members of a ‘poor community’ can move out of poverty. As Minister of Education, Cordel could have done much to help the poor roots Belizeans of the Southside. If you review the last few PSE scores you will have to agree that Cordel was a complete failure! Add to that, the fact that monies were diverted from the poor to the pockets of cronies. That is even worse! Cordel is not fit to lead the nation state we call Belize; no way!

The Belize Technical College took in students from ALL districts of this country. The fees were $12 a semester – a mere $36 a year! Yet Technical provided this country with the very best – in Building Trades, Automotive, Home Economics, General Studies, Engineering, Mechanical… Of all the schools in this country Technical produced the most of our current professionals – across the board, in all fields! Why then did Cordel not protect Technical from the partisan political hustlers and scamps who wanted to rob Belizeans of the prime piece of property on which Technical sits? Now we hear endless complaints about lack of jobs… Cordel needs to answer for the closeure of Belize Technical College.

The Lake Independent Area is probably the poorest in the city, with highest crime rates to match. Cordel has had enough years to transform that area – yet he did practically NOTHING to help poor root Belizeans all these many years! He is definitely NOT leadership material. The mis-deeds of Cordel is worthy of our fullest attention!

Now, Cordel wants CIVIC, BOLEDO and the LEADERSHIP of the PUP – madness, sheer madness! A greedy Dodo Bird…

Talking about crazy, let us look at the role of Mental Mose in media and union activities. Mose did not know the meaning of the proper technical jargon “artificial border.” He does not know that “Compromis” is French for Special Agreement. He does not know that Bloomfield, Bianchi, Hudson and Lauterpacht et al., ALL wrote legal opinions on the claim.  Mose, the disingenuous, has manipulated friends, listeners, viewers, associates and colleagues to join his Chicken Little Parade. Like Hitler, he squeals, screams and gesticulates for the benefit of his viewers and listeners. Like Hitler, he is also into mind control. Now he is doing his utmost to get the Media and the Unions to do his evil bidding. He is about collecting as much money as possible thru ads to the Zinc Fence. He wants Cordel to lead the PUP so that Cordel can make decisions about how the monies are spent. He wants to use his union and Media friends to help get his brother to the top of the heap, to direct monies to Partridge Street, to his pocket. That is more important to him than beating Guatemala at the ICJ. That is more important to him than ending the unfounded claim. Crazy, crazy…

Other quotes from that same article are: “…the great Don Hector…” and “…not as informed about the Guatemala issue as Don Hector, Sandra, and myself.” In June of 1958 Price, Anthony Meighan and Hector Silva visited Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala – they were looking at things like “integration” and “political union.” A mere three years later, in 1961, Hector Silva, Santiago Perdomo and Allan Arthurs, three PUP legislative assemblymen were taken to Guatemala aboard a Guatemalan military aircraft and held discussions with Guatemalan President Ydigoras Fuentes. …have you identified the ‘great’ traitors? There is no way that I will listen to ANYTHING from Hector Silva, he has ZERO credibility… Why would the Zinc Fence choose to follow Silva when Hero P.S.W. Goldson was clear in 1967 and 1919?


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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Friday, 07 December 2018 00:00

I have never kept a journal of current events. Even in school, I preferred to listen keenly to the teacher and commit his/her lecture to memory rather than take notes. This style may work well when a man is young but as we get older, several chronological changes take control of our body and of our character.  We tend to lose our short-term memory even as our long-term recollection gets more vivid. Then we begin losing the hair on our head while the ones in our nose and ears take on new life.  My shortfall of not recording events makes me gaffe sometimes when recounting experiences. Most of the time, however, I try to generalize rather than specify so as not to introduce confusion in my discourse.

A case in point; the last time when I commented in a  submission  that the candidate who came  nearest  to capture OW Central for the UDP since 1989 was Mr. Chendo Urbina, someone took umbrage with my statement and asked me to prove it. Since I don’t have any notes, I could not do so. I could only recollect that I was in the counting room at our sub-treasury here in OW Central in February, 2008; a night when a change of Government was occurring. In the counting room with me were Mr. Alvarado and Mr. Urbina’s son, Rosendo, for the UDP.  For the PUP were Mr. E. Courtney and one Mr. Moguel. The returning officer was Colonel George Lovell. There was an independent candidate in Central that year, Mr. Álvaro Espejo.  He was there representing himself. I remember when the boxes from San Estevan were tallied, Mr. Chendo was only behind by some twenty something votes. It was in OW Town proper that Mr. Briceño opened the gap to about 300 votes on Mr. Chendo. Anyway, by that time the rest of the country had returned over 16 seats for the UDP, and I lost a bit of focus after that, especially when the returning officer insisted in tallying the referendum ballots on an elected senate. Who cared at that moment? Hutchy had just slain the giant Fonseca!

The recent convention for OW Central featured three deep-rooted UDP candidates, all worthy of the title of standard bearer.  Mr. Grijalva won the convention, and if those supporters from the unsuccessful candidates throw their weight behind him, he will do well in 2020. I had the opportunity to salute the boldness of the runner up, Evan Williams on Facebook. I told him he is still young with many conventions ahead of him. He can one day be Mayor of OW if he does not lose heart.

At this point, I want to share a little personal observation. There are several new faces surfacing after the UDP conventions. The subliminal message seems to be that the UDP base wants to retool and reshape before 2020. I see this as a positive sign, but I hope the new candidates don’t get sucked into the vitriol quarrel for leadership, which can end up splintering the party to pieces. Not only will the UDP lose, but the entire nation will suffer if the crowd from 1998 to 2008 gets reelected to office. Imagine their possibilities again with a new DFC, BTL, BWSL, BEL, National Bank, Natural Resources and whatever else is not bolted down! If this same squad wins again, Belize done! Just like Hector Silva.

In wrapping up, I want to concord with an opinion in the Amandala that whatever decision we make in April next year, all Belizeans must unite behind that decision. This will make us stronger. We all love Belize and want the best for our country and her people.  Take care!

On The Naughty List: A Christmas Memory Print E-mail
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Written by By Thamar Jones   
Friday, 07 December 2018 00:00

Mommy was baking up something good! I could tell by the extravagant assortment of ingredients laid out in the kitchen.  Right after breakfast, she took a little pail of butter from the fridge and set it near the window pane by the kitchen sink, so it could be warmed by the sun. Meanwhile on the kitchen table sat a bowl of dried cranberries soaking up some white rum. Next to them stood a sealed bottle of black berry wine, a large Mason jar of red cherries, a slightly smaller jar of green cherries, and three little zip lock bags of nuts—one containing walnuts, another containing cashews and the third, almonds. I didn’t dare touch them.

Christmas being only nine days away, I knew that there would be lots of cooking and baking, shopping and decorating, and most importantly Santa would be watching to see who was naughty and who was nice! I had been pretty naughty all year long so I didn’t expect a damn thing from ole’ Santa. But still I hoped that maybe by some miracle I could make the nice list if I was on extra good behavior for the next eight and a half days.

“What you making Mommy?”, I asked standing on tip toes to see over the edge of the table, as she added six eggs with the other ingredients.

“Mommy is making black fruit cake,Baby. Go play in the living room before you tip something over!”

I didn’t move. Had no intention to. She turned to get something from the cabinet on the opposite side of the kitchen.

“I can help you ma,” I said.

Figuring that six eggs might not be enough, I opened the fridge and hurriedly grabbed another for her. But as I was struggling to close the door of the refrigerator the egg slipped from between my little fingers sending splatters of bright yellow egg yolk all over white kitchen tiles.

Oh boy! I was in for it.

Turning around with a bag of flour in hand, my mom saw the splatter of egg. I stood frozen waiting for her reaction. She gasped in disapproval and annoyance and then she gave me a knowing look.

“Santa doesn’t like naughty girls that don’t listen,” she said, “You’d better clean that up before he sees.”

In a panic, I bolted to the wash room for some old rags to clean the mess I’d made. Moving as fast as the wind, I hurried back to the kitchen.

When I got back to the scene of the incident, there was no egg on the floor just the rank scent thereof.

“You’re lucky. I helped you clean most of it. Now all you need to do is mop the spot with some Flash.”

Mommy prepared a little solution in a bucket for me and I began mopping everywhere that I thought the egg might have splashed.

While I mopped, she lectured. “When you get older you can help mommy bake cakes, man. But now, you’re a bit too little to help with the cooking!”

“When I turn five mommy? Then I can help you?”

Her scowling face broke into a big smile and then returned to a serious demeanor once again. But with a much softer tone she said, “You can help me now. With lots of things. You can help me fold clothes after I pick them in, you can help me water the plants in the morning, you can clear your plate after you eat, and you can help by listening when I tell you not to do something. Then maybe you can make it on Santa’s nice list this year.”

I vowed to try.

By early afternoon, my mom pulled the cakes from the oven. They smelled wonderfully sweet, warm and flavorful. One was for grandma, one was for Aunt Cherrie and the rest was for the family but I--- I had my very own mini cake made especially the way I liked it—extra fruits on top, and no wine poured over. I spent the afternoon relishing my scrumptious Christmas treat.

My good behavior for the rest of the week paid off too. By Christmas Eve, the gifts under the tree began to pile up and quite a few of them had my name on them. It’s never too late to turn over a new leaf!

This is just one of many incredible Christmas memories from childhood that I hold dear.