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Thursday, 07 May 2015 00:00

Try as they might, the People's United Party has been unable to get any issue to the forefront that will galvanize any support against the Government of Belize and it is not for want of trying.

Their latest attempt was to try to derail the Petro Caribe financing of projects across the country. Most recently they had been on an all out blitz against the initiative taking to the airwaves to try to gain critical mass against Petro Caribe. That attempt saw them revolving and hopping from media station to media station every morning trying to whip a frenzy. That assault lasted for two weeks with the usual suspects making the rounds. The Belizean people were not impressed and they sweat their fever on television and on radio stations to no avail. Belizeans simply 'no deh with deh!'

Their last attempt was a demonstration while the Prime Minister explained exactly what the Petro Caribe is and how it will work. Outside of the Biltmore on Wednesday May 29 a handful of PUP supporters and some of their standard bearers tried to rile up Belizeans. That attempt failed miserably as less 150 fanatics made it out to the protest. During the press conference the Prime Minister stated that he would hope that they had taken time out to say hello to those Belizeans who were actually employed at the Philip Goldson roundabout directly under the Petro Caribe Program. The answer to that is of course they did not. You see, they don't care about the hundreds of Belizeans who are actually benefitting from the Petro Caribe investments. They simply want to cause consternation among Belizeans. We are sure this will simply not happen.

Having realized that their anti Petro Caribe attack is simply not working, they are now latching on to two other issues, the Belize Guatemala claim and the appointment of a 13th senator. As they go about with these two issues, it is very clear that their agenda remains the same. They are expecting to create a frenzy against the government in the hopes that they can be seen as a viable opposition waiting to be the next government. We would not want to wish them luck on this as we are certain that, like with the issues before, they will not be successful. Belizeans simply do not want to follow that crowd. They are known as a pack of thieves and scoundrels and even the newest entrant into their folds, Major Lloyd Jones has put them on notice, even before being fully welcomed in, that he knows that they have deviated from their core values and he will not tolerate that.

Jones, we wish you luck. What you need to understand is that that pack will not change. You can go to the podium and wax like a reformist but in the end you will see that nothing that you do or say will ever change who those crooks are.

UDP has broken with tradition, the incumbent can gain grounds! Print E-mail
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Thursday, 12 March 2015 00:00

The outcome of the Municipal elections this past Wednesday 4th March was not so much an indictment on the PUP as it was a vote of confidence for the UDP in most of the Municipalities.

In Belize City, Belmopan City, San Ignacio/Santa Elena, Benque Viejo, and Corozal, the overwhelming show of support was due to the fact that these municipalities were governed by the United Democratic Party. This meant that the UDP councils there were hard at work throughout their tenure and managed to deliver on most of their manifesto promises if not all.

The vote of confidence therefore was the people saying “we are happy with the work you are doing and here is another chance to continue the good work because we trust you”. Therefore it is clear that the policies of the United Democratic Party local and central governments have worked to the benefit of the people. It is this mantra of service and deliverance of goods to the people which have yielded dividends.

And these dividends came in the form of voter confidence at the polls. In the case of Dangriga and Punta Gorda it was also due to confidence, confidence inspired by the United Democratic Party candidates in these two municipalities. Everyone could see that the performance of the PUP councils in these two towns was dismal. For three round years they did absolutely nothing except mismanage the people’s money. The residents were all too aware of what these PUP scoundrels were doing and when the time came paid them with the same coin of rejection that they had been paying the people with all along.

This was also complemented by the fact that Belizeans were experiencing a transformation high like never before. Every part of this beautiful country is being hit by the transformation fever, transformation for the better, as has never been seen before. So the results of the municipal election can only be attributed to people’s realization that they have the best government ever and that the only way to continue on this path of progress is to have a local government that works in tandem with central government.

This United Democratic Party government under the leadership of Hon. Dean Barrow has demonstrated that it truly is a government for all. The infrastructural development and the social assistance programs which were made possible by the prudent administration of the Petro Caribe fund have made for tangible transformation in the lives of Belizeans. Hon. Barrow has promised that Belize will see even more transformation in the years to come. All in all the true winners in this past municipal election are the people of Belize. Congratulations are in order to each and every Belizean for making the right choice.