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Thursday, 17 September 2015 00:00

Francis Fonseca has seemingly buckled to pressure by the dirty dozen within his own party who have twisted his arm and who have in effect forced him to hold an open convention for leadership. The decision was made on Wednesday September 16 following a meeting which was held in Burrell Boom and where it is reported that 11 of the dirty dozen were present, Dan Sylva, is reportedly out of the country and reports are that he is right there with the others in agreement with what is taking place.

Now that Francis has caved in, the question arises as to who among them, those who had been advocating for a free and open national PUP convention, will challenge for leadership. Given the nature of those who had been advocating and the underhanded manner in which they treated their leader, it is difficult to say who will step up to the plate. What we do know is that over the past weeks there have been hands moving in the dark and placing pawns and puppets at the forefront to say things to Francis which they themselves are not men enough to say.

We can quickly recall some instances where Dr. Francis Smith was placed in the forefront to disparage Fonseca. We can also recall a full page ad appearing in the Amandala where they asked the question if the PUP had missed Ralph Fonseca and yet again there was the time when Micah was used to feverishly attack Francis. Now we may never know who were the primary movers during these torrid times of the PUP but we do know who are prime candidates to have fingers pointed at.

Among those who were the brain thrust for the demise of Fonseca are Johnny Briceno, Cordel Hyde and Dan Sylva now it is left to be seen which one of these born again PUP's will dare challenge Francis. After all they had been the primary movers and they now should show some level of testicular fortitude to follow up on what they had been asking for. We at this newspaper dare say that none of them, cowards that they are will dare challenge for leadership. Having had their bath of rebirth and somehow purification from their past evils while they themselves were in government they came out swinging, albeit with the use of pawns against Fonseca. Now the time has come for them to put up or shut up.

None will do so. You see, power and the hunger for it is much too great an aphrodisiac for them to risk going into battle. So they will become lambs and will bleat no more. They think that coming together they will stand a better chance at winning the next general elections and for them, the power of being in office is much too great a reward that they will not risk putting in jeopardy. So they will eat their bile and watch as Francis leads them to the next election.

And they will lose but it is better they go in united to the next fight than divided after a national convention which if the leadership is challenged will surely leave wounds that they will not be able to recover from before the next election. This will prove that the PUP are so power hungry that all the hot air the dirty dozen blew about reform and changing the status quo was really all a show by eunuchs.