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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 00:00

In the run up to the General Elections there was quite a frenzy that was whipped up by a few noisemakers who were successfully able to attract media attention and make it seem as if there was an imminent invasion that was to take place by Guatemala against Belize.

They were able to take media personnel on excursions to the Sarstoon Island and even taunt the Guatemalan military. They waved the Belizean flag, played chicken with Guatemalan boats. They hitched themselves up onto mangroves on the Sarstoon Island and even went swimming in the sand bar (mud) near the island. It was quite a hoopla that these people were able to get the media involved in but now the elections are over (both in Belize and in Guatemala) and the noise has ended.    

We are now left to question: has Guatemala ended the claim it had for centuries over Belize? The obvious answer to that question is ‘of course not!’ So then why is there now no noise about the ‘threat’ that Guatemala posed over Belize? Well elections are over! The hope that some had to try to bring the Guatemala claim over Belize into the elections in this country was unsuccessful. Tried as they may the Belizean people were able to see that those who made the attempt to thrust the Guatemalan issue into the fray for the electorate to decide against the UDP was unsuccessful.

The voters cast their ballots on real issues, not on the created Guatemalan threat. The people voted for the work of the UDP to continue. They voted so that social programs like the Food Pantry and the Boost not be stopped. They voted so that this year, deserving students who will sit the CXC’s will only have to pay for those above 6. They voted because they were thankful that the government wrote off their mortgages and most importantly they voted because they were sure that under the United Democratic Party the development both at a social and infrastructural level will continue.

For those who attempted to bring the Guatemala boogeyman into this 2015 election, we say, you were unsuccessful. Belizeans know that this issue is not one that can be dragged into electoral politics; this issue is one that will be solved through diplomatic channels and negotiations. And for now those negotiations are looking to be some where the International Court of Justice may well be involved. The issue of Guatemala will not be determined by a change of government here in Belize or in Guatemala for that matter. At all times this issue has been one that has been able to have bi-partisan cooperation, for the noisemakers to have attempted to bring it into the electoral fray, was to say the least, poorly calculated.

That being the case however, the poor calculation was all they had, after all this government had been performing and will continue to perform well so that it will surprise no one that come the next general elections, the Guatemalan Boogeyman will once again be resurrected in the hopes that the Belizeans can vote against the UDP because of the Guatemalan claim.  
We’ll wait another five years or the next general election season to see if this will prove true.