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Thursday, 08 September 2016 00:00

The PUP claims they gave it their all on Wednesday September 7 as they scraped their supporters from across the country to as they say start a move to ‘take back Belize’. Well after all the money they spent (reports are they were paying $30 per head, and giving out hundreds of tamales to those who came) they managed to have 2000 persons participating in their Belize City march.

If we were to analyze that number we would know that it represents less than the number of voters in the smallest constituency in this country. What we must remember is that this is a Mass Political Party. If it was that the people of Belize had reached such a great level of discontent, it would have meant that those who came to the City would have been far more than just 2 thousand- at least 10 thousand we would say. But that was not the case on this Wednesday. You see while we can readily admit that not all is well we can also readily admit that it is not all that bad with our UDP government.

Wednesday’s push, for the PUP should have meant wind in their sail, but the problem is it wasn’t. They are selling a product which the Belizean people are not buying. They pretend to be on some champion cause of anti-corruption when those very people who are part of the leadership of that party are the embodiment of corruption. How can anyone follow these people knowing what they did in the past? The answer to that is simple, they can’t! The people of Belize know who you are and what your intention is.

We know that when you say ‘take back Belize,’ you mean to take it to the cleaners. You mean to empty the coffers, you mean to take millions and millions and millions and millions and millions from the people of Belize to enrich your very few who are in the very small privileged folds of the PUP. The people of Belize will not make the same mistake again, we will not put the PUP back in office. We will repeat, all may not be well at this point in time but by God, it is a million times better than what it was under the PUP. When last have you heard a scandal where millions have gone missing under the UDP? When last have you heard of Social Security money being taken to dead-raise a private enterprise? When last have you heard of government taking millions in grant money and funneling it to pay a private debt? The answer to these questions is simple: Not under Dean Barrow! That kind of pillaging of the resources of the People of Belize will simply not be countenanced. Of course that is the signature of our party and quite the opposite of what the PUP is. So when you hear them say ‘take back Belize’ ask them, for what? So they continue to steal!