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Thursday, 11 December 2014 00:00

Over the past couple of weeks at least five cruise ships could not make port calls in Belize because of bad weather conditions. Yahoo travel has even classified Belize in the top three countries being the worst Caribbean ports of call for cruises. The problem is that Belize really has no port where cruise ships can dock. It is a situation that is one that some say can be easily resolved but many do not even choose to remember how it is that we are where we are.

Under the previous PUP administration it was an all or nothing or should we say a free for all at the Fort Street Tourism Village. The PUP’s were asked to bend and they asked ‘in which direction’ it was so obscene that today the after effects of the concessions given to that village is being felt. Every day cruise ship passengers are corralled in the village and are given advisories not to venture outside of the terminal if it is not with a pre-planned tour. Making things worse is that the owners of the village were given exclusivity to land passengers in Belize. Of course that was being challenged by Carnival which was also given exclusivity but that amounted to nothing and the village at Fort Point reigned supreme.

Since the establishment of the village however the ownership has changed but the terms for it has not. Ironically the very previous owner of the village is now in the process of constructing an on-shore docking facility at Stake Bank off the coast of Belize City and they are like a locomotive in full gear but with its park brake on. Of course the park brake is the very conditions which was given to the village, that is that it is an exclusive point of entry and if there are any losses incurred if there ever is another port of call, the government would fill that in. Of course this UDP government is not the PUP government  and it will simply not take tax payers money to indemnify anyone especially such as is the case with the tourism village.

Now the matter is tied up in litigation, the Stake Bank project wants to press forward but the Fort Street Village is saying hold your horses. Caught in the middle, being haunted by the PUP’s misdeeds of the past of course is the Government. And those being most affected, of course, are those who make a living off the cruise ship industry. The past 5 ships that had to turn back because of inadequate docking facilities put a hurting on the pockets of those people and all that anyone can say is “the PUP should have known better.” But then again they knew better, they knew better to say that their pockets always came before the best interest of the Belizean people.

This dilemma is one that has been repeating itself in Belize over and over and over again. We have the BTL Accomodation agreement, the Ships and Companies Registries and many other agreements that remain the hauntings of the PUP.