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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

courtenay33.jpg - 53.75 KbAfter this week’s segment of the Senate Hearing, we are left wondering if Johnny’s opinion of his man EAMON  COURTENAY, being the best thing to come to the world since sliced bread, will be the same. This week Courtenay was definitely no Perry Mason. In fact he was more like Barney Fife. Just a bungling buffoon, was what he was shown to be. Eamon really appeared to be out of his element. Two highly trained Public Officers took him to school. For us it is poetic justice that in the same week that Johnny painted a picture of Eamon being this highly trained legal mind who was head and shoulders above all other senators that he was disrobed and left naked for all the world to see. The whole country saw his short comings exposed in front of us.

We really wanted to know what was the question Mr. Reynolds had for Courtenay and what that answer would have been. Maybe Reynolds should have asked for Courtenay to clarify something, maybe he would have been obliged to answer then. Another high point was when Reynolds said it was not the first time that ministers made recommendations, because ministers under every administration have done so. He also told Courtenay that, Courtenay’s opinion was just his opinion. To us that was like telling Courtenay to keep his opinion to himself. Another highlight was when he told Courtenay he cannot comment on another person’s opinion. So confident was Mr. Reynolds that Courtenay was no match for him, he did not even have to take an attorney.

Ms. Castellanos was equally as good!

She was not fazed by Courtenay’s experience as an attorney. Her letter was hard hitting and did not paint the Immigration Officers in a good light. It painted a picture of them being some sort of CABAL, that was into all sorts of shady deals and that they had an unwritten rule to always defend each other. Both witnesses made the point that no minister of government can dictate to the Public Officers how to do their jobs. Pointing out that as long as those Public Officers followed the law and whatever policy was in place, they were within their rights to say no to such ministers. After Ms. Castellanos read her letter the people in the audience broke out into a round of applause.

If Johnny had any common sense, he would have immediately called Eamon Courtenay and told him to go home.  Eamon is not only an embarrassment to his profession and the PUP, he is an embarrassment to the entire country. We really cannot be accused of playing politics in calling for his removal. Along with all the other wrongs he has done to this country, he is now trying to turn our Senate into a Kangaroo Court. To this Judas or Jackass we say just take your thirty pieces of silver and go live elsewhere, just go!

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

fort george monument.jpg - 99.20 KbIt was a bitter sweet moment for the Belize City Council on Wednesday, February 15, when Mayor Bradley officially inaugurated the Monument Dedicated to Entrepreneurs of Belize City at the entrance of the Fort George Tourism Zone. Ribbon cutting for the tall and impressive structure marks the completion of a long awaited project and green lights a sigh of relief for the Council; however, it also marks midnight for the city’s dance with a most amazing partner, the Caribbean Local Economic Development Program (CARILED). 

The Caribbean Local Economic Development Program is a six-year $23.2 million project in which local governments have utilized assets and human capital to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and develop the business sector. CARILED has been funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), in partnership with the Caribbean Forum of Local Government Ministers (CFLGM), the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities (CALGA) and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLFG). It was launched in May of 2012 when Hon. Kamla Persad-Bissessar, then Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, visited Belize for the monumental occasion. The initiative was Canada’s response to the steep declines in economic growth being experienced in the Caribbean region due to the global economic crisis, natural disasters and high food and fuel prices. Belize has benefited greatly from the program which is impacting three levels of governance: regional, national and municipal. At the regional level there have been unprecedented levels of collaboration between the Caribbean Forum of Local Government Ministers, the Caribbean Association of Local Government Authorities, the Commonwealth Local Government Forum and related organizations. At the national level, central government has received technical assistance to help with strategic planning. At the municipal level, the focus has been on developing a healthy partnership between the local governments, non-governmental organizations and private sector associations. The challenge to local governments was to utilize assets and human capital to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and develop the business sector.

In Belize City, CARILED has financed numerous projects and Mayor Bradley focused his address at the inauguration of the Entrepreneur Monument to highlight the program’s impact on the municipality and express gratitude on behalf of its residents. Among other things, CARILED provided financing and training during the BTL Park rehabilitation project. They provided funding for construction of the booths and held workshops for entrepreneurs interested in operating there. CARILED helped to finance other such projects throughout the city but its long term impact on business development will be felt through the successes of the Local Economic Development Office that was recently opened in the “Sagicor building”. This office was opened with financing by CARILED and is fully staffed with a team responsible for continuing the work started by CARILED in Belize.

The opening of the Economic Development office was made possible through a final CARILED grant of $80,000 to the Belize City Council. Some of that money was used to repair the BTL Park which suffered damages from Hurricane Earl. $30,000 was used for the construction of the Entrepreneur Monument. Mayor Bradley says, “The monument is dedicated to the entrepreneural spirit of our city – to the thousands of business owners, employers and tax payers who make our city great.”

Marion Villanueva, Director of CARILED Program, says she is hopeful that the Prime Minister of Canada will extend the program. She says of the seven countries included in the program, “Belize is in the forefront in promoting the goals of CARILED”. 

Also present at the inauguration was Mayor Kevin Bernard, Mayor of Orange Walk Town. The CARILED program has inspired a strong working relationship between the two mayors from different municipalities and rival political parties.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

“Celebrating 25 Years of Environmental Sustainability: Protecting, Educating and Developing Together”

The Department of the Environment (DOE) is executing the project entitled “Belize Chemicals and Waste Management (BCWM) Project”, wherein one of the goals is the management and disposal of existing stockpiles of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), obsolete pesticides and other chemicals. This is to enable Belize to fulfill its Obligations under the Stockholm Convention on POPs. To assist in achieving this goal, the Project Management Unit (PMU) of the BCWM Project has recently organized a two-day training on chemicals management, with emphasis on the application of the Basel Convention on the Control of transboundary movement of hazardous waste, packaging, safe handling and transportation of hazardous chemicals.

In keeping with the training momentum, the DOE had an opening for it’s training on Thursday of last week at the Best Western Plus Belize Biltmore Plaza, located in Belize City. The practical training for the disposal of wastes was also held last Friday during a half day session in Central Farm, Cayo.

Belize signed the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in 2002 as a commitment to the management of POPs, as stipulated in the convention. Belize conducted a POPS inventory and developed a National Implementation Plan (NIP) during the period 2006 – 2008, at which time there were only twelve (12) established and known POPs, mainly classified as pesticides. Subsequent to a National Priority Assessment on chemicals management, the NIP of 2008 identified five (5) strategies in addressing these priorities; each strategy composed of various action plans and specific projects to address chemicals management in Belize. These strategies involve the coordination of the NIP implementation, and action plans for the management and phase-out of POPs pesticides, PVBs, dioxin and furans releases as well DDT.

Since 2011, Belize has developed and implemented several projects to address these priority areas identified by the NIP. However, under Article 7 of the Stockholm Convention, each Party has an obligation to develop, review and update their National Implementation Plans (NIPs) in a manner consistent with the needs and priorities of the Party and resources available to the Party.

To assist countries in this, the BCRC-Caribbean and the United Nations Industrial Development Organizations (UNIDO), in consultation with Caribbean National Focal Points for the Stockholm Convention, developed a regional project entitled: ‘Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Management Mechanism for POPs in the Caribbean’ that was approved as a full-sized project by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) in May of 2015. The BCRC-Caribbean is the executing agency for this Global Environment Facility (GEF#5558) funded project.

A major output of this full-size project is to have the 8 beneficiary countries update their NIPs and POPs inventory. In so doing, the BCRC-Caribbean has retained the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) to provide technical services for the update of the POPs Inventories of the NIPs.

The NIP outlines a number of priority interventions, which has led to several POPs initiatives, including the “Removal of POPs from the environment of Belize”. Accomplishment of the objective of this initiative will require the collection, transport and destruction of POPs existing in Belize. As Belize has no current capacity to implement the destruction of POPs chemicals and wastes, the destruction phase must be completed at a foreign location. As Belize is a signatory to the Stockholm, Basel, Rotterdam and other relevant international conventions, the collection, transport and destruction must be carried out under procedures and using technologies that are recognized, proven and certifiable under the guidelines of these relevant conventions.

The POPs chemicals and wastes in Belize have been collected and stored at secure locations within Belize. Laboratory and other testing have established the quantity and types of POPs and POPs chemicals (DDT, PCB contaminated oil, Aldrin, Dieldrin, Endosulfan), obsolete pesticides, unknown chemicals and ODS/GWP refrigerant gases.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

Mexico City.  February 14, 2017.   
The Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs, participated in the XXV Session of the General Conference of the Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (OPANAL) on the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Tlatelolco.

Signed in 1967, the Treaty of Tlatelolco established the first Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in a densely populated area. It was the first of its kind and served as the inspiration for the subsequent creation of five other such zones across the globe. It remains a model of our region’s resourcefulness, unity, and sense of responsibility in addressing an issue of global importance and concern.

Minister Elrington reiterated Belize’s commitment and continued support of the Treaty’s obligations and joined the other delegations in adopting the Draft Declaration of the Member States on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary.

The Hon. Wilfred Elrington was accompanied by representatives of the Embassy of Belize in Mexico.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman
giving all your love to just one man.
You’ll have bad times
And he’ll have good times,
Doin’ things that you don’t understand.
But if you love him you’ll forgive him,
even though he’s hard to understand.
And if you love him Oh be proud of him,
‘Cause after all he’s just a man.
Stand By Your Man,
Give him two arms to cling to,
And something warm to come to
when night......
Tammy  Wynette

Like Tommy Wynette the PUP is standing by their man Eamon Courtenay in his traitorous assault on the government and people of Belize. The PUP rather than distancing themselves from the machinations of this gentleman in his ZEAL to advance the attack of his master, have embraced him. The ECONOMIC HITMAN, has placed the economic viability of Belize and the safety of every person who live in this country in jeopardy, including those poor PUP’s who form the majority of that party. It is not that their actions caught us by surprise. We all knew that that party is driven by greed and personal enrichment. As long as they and their relatives are not negatively affected then everything is a go, no matter how unscrupulous the deal appears to be, it is a go, as long as they will see a payday.

For the PUP leadership to now claim that the only reason, they voted in favor of the two bills that seeks to further insulate Belize’s Foreign Assets including those of the Central Bank of Belize, was because they were pressured into doing so and did so out of ignorance is farcical. Everybody and their POTLICKER DOG, knew about Code 1611 of the USA Sovereign Immunities Act and what is contained in that act. Over a year ago the prime Minister made reference of that act at the time of the BTL settlement. In the House of Representative when the BTL settlement deed was debated once again, the USA Sovereign Immunities act was mentioned. Even some of the PUP members made reference to it in their presentations.

If any of us were not sure of where the leadership of the PUP stood in regards to their support of Courtenay’s actions, Johnny Briceno, who is the PUP Leader/ Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, put that beyond any doubt on Monday of this week. At a press conference he and his party’s legal advisor did a duet of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by your man.” They made it quite clear to all, that they supported Eamon Courtenay. When the question about where he stood in regards to Eamon’s actions, Johnny made it clear that he would not remove him because he was doing a good job of representing the PUP in the Senate. An interesting question that was asked of the legal advisor Mr. Marshaleck SC, was who are the two attorneys in the USA, that the party got legal advice from in regards to the two pieces of legislation in question, he refused to say. Instead he referred the journalist to something on the internet, attributed to two attorneys. It could be easy for any sensible person to conclude, that the PUP’s only legal opinion they sought was that of MR GOOGLE.

We hope that the PUP is only in the Valentine’s spirit at this time, but as soon as Valentine’s Day is over, do something about Courtenay. However we need to remind the PUP, not to continue to disregard the cries of the ordinary Belizeans, by not distancing themselves from Courtenay and his master. At the same time reminding them, that the people of this country will always remember who took their side, stood up with and for them. They will also remember those who sold them out. Those who sold them out will be dealt with at the appropriate time. That appropriate time is called election time. The treatment the PUP would then get, will be like that given, to a man who beats his wife before leaving home, then returning home to eat, as if though he had not beaten his wife, only to find the pot washed and turned down, after the rest of the family, including the dog had eaten. Belizean of the present are not as forgiving as those Belizean of the PRE-INDEPENDENCE era. The punishment will be harsh and long.


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