Leaving No One Behind: Calling for Taiwan’s Participation in the 2017 World Health Assembly Print E-mail
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Written by By Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize   
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 00:00

By Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Belize


The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) calls on Belize’s support for Taiwan’s participation in World Health Assembly (WHA) that seeks to benefit all humankind.


Nine years ago, having garnered tremendous international support including Belize, Taiwan was invited by World Health Organization (WHO) to attend the 62nd WHA as an observer. Since then, Taiwan’s active participation in WHA and WHO technical meetings has improved disease control in Taiwan and around the world, as Taiwan is committed to assisting Belize and other countries that face health challenges to fulfill WHO’s vision.


This year, Taiwan seeks to continue its professional and pragmatic participation in WHO, including the Health Emergencies Programme, so as to contribute to global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3) by 2030: to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages. Taiwan’s absence from WHO would open a serious fissure in the global health system and create significant risks such as spread of epidemics and food safety.


WHO needs Taiwan to build a robust global health system, and Taiwan needs WHO as well. Taiwan’s participation in WHO over the past eight years has enabled Taiwan to share experiences with Belize and other countries, to report and receive disease prevention information promptly, and to better contribute to health worldwide. Taiwan’s continued participation in WHA and other WHO-related mechanisms, meetings and activities, will further ensure the implementation of SDG 3 and serve the interests of all parties concerned: Taiwan, the WHO, and the international community as a whole.


The Embassy reiterates that inviting Taiwan to the WHA conforms to the WHO Charter and universal values of human rights. Only Taiwan can be the representative of its 23 million people and be responsible for the 23 million people’s health and wellbeing. WHO without Taiwan is unfair to the people of Taiwan. We ask the WHO to recognize Taiwan’s longstanding contribution to public health, disease prevention, and the human right to health in the international community, as well as the healthcare partnerships it has formed with WHO member countries, and its importance as part of the global disease prevention system. The Embassy is grateful to Belize in support for Taiwan’s participation in the WHA.




Music Week 2017, the business of music high on the agenda Print E-mail
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

Belize’s Music Ambassador along with artists including Coconobway, Jackie Castillo, TY and Unlimited, officially launched Music Week 2017 on Monday May 15. This is the second year that music week is being observed. It will feature a number of activities including conferences on copyright laws, a public and private sector dialogue with the directorate of foreign trade, presentations by MIAB’s James Sanker, a music in schools rally, an open mic night as well as free concerts on Friday and Saturday.

According to Barrow, the week is really a platform to highlight Belizean musicians especially because of the way they are undervalued in Belize. He added that the conferences will also be an avenue to educate artists on copyright as well as interactions with the tourism sector to promote music as a tourism asset. These will also highlight music as a business and look at ways in which the private sector can invest in music as an asset.

Last year, Coconobway had the opportunity of participating in Music Week and he is doing so again this week. He said that it was a great experience for him and he expects that his participation this year will be even better. This week he said allows him to keep on promoting creole culture pushing his music that last year alone brought him 3 awards.

Up and coming artist, TY, said that his participation in Music Week will allow him to better promote the need for copyright enforcement. He said that artists getting paid is absolutely necessary for the music’s survival. For his part Unlimited, said that last year he participated as an unknown but this year it is different as he is now being put on a more serious level as an artist. Jackie Castillo explained that Music Week for her will allow the promotion of music as a business and will allow for artists to be encouraged to take it as such. She added that it will also give an opportunity to encourage the public’s support for artists as well as allow for the artists themselves to network to get more out of their music.

But this year, the elephant in the room is the copyright push where artist are now being more aware of their right to get paid. Coconobway stated that he sees copyright as his retirement plan where he is expecting to get royalties from the music which he produces. Unlimited stressed that it is important for artists to recognize that they need to get paid since artists struggle daily to make ends meet. For his part, Shyne Barrow explained that this is the kind of reaction he wants where the country is at a turning point where artists are not only recognized but are actually paid through copyright royalties.

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Government of Belize signs contract for airport link road project Print E-mail
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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

A contract was signed between the Government of Belize, Nabeel Abdul Raheem Consultants, and BECA International Consultants Ltd.  The contract, which was signed on May 11, 2017,was for services of consultancy and construction supervision of the Airport Link Road Project. The contract was agreed for BZ$4,973,500.

The GOB procured the services as a counterpart measure to its existing funding parter the OPEC Fund for International Development. OFID had no objections and the award for surpervision was made to a joint venture with the two firms, both having years of experience in Belize.

The Airport Link Road Project was appraised by OFID who presented it to its board of directors. They approved a loan for approximately US$12M.

The Airport Link Road is approximately 8.1km (5miles). The upgrade proposed includes the construction of a high-level bridge crossing the Belize River near to the existing airport access road.  The proposed alignment intersects the George Price Highway, follows some existing trails before traversing with a bridge crossing the Belize River, and finally intersects the airport access road near Gentrac Belize Ltd. The project includes the construction of earthen embankments, crushed gravel pavements, and two lanes with paved shoulders conforming to a 100kph design criteria. The bridge structure has a span of 81.7 meters, a trafficable width of 12.05 meters, designed to AASHTO Standards, and is of reinforced concrete build.

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CARSI 2017 Notice of Funding Opportunity Print E-mail
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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

The United States Embassy in Belmopan, Belize announces a notice of funding to strengthen government through civil society engagement under the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). The purpose is to support democracy and governance efforts. The closing date for proposal submissions is June 19, 2017. The embassy intends to issue three to five awards in amounts not to exceed $1,500,000 in total funding, each to be between $200,000 and $400,000. Project periods are not to exceed two years and the anticipated start date should be September 29, 2017.

Project proposals should address at least one of the following:

1)      Civil society provides support to improve basic local, municipal, or central government services. Proposals should be oriented towards activities by civil society organizations working to capitalize on government, private, and civil society resources and networks to collectively work together to improve, expand, or complement government service delivery particularly to vulnerable, remote, and/or marginalized populations, particularly outside of Belize District. Examples of potential activities include, but are not limited to, providing assistance for victims of gender based violence (GBV) or Trafficking in Persons (TIP).

2)      Civil society works with government to institute reforms to reduce corruption and impunity. Proposals should be oriented towards activities working to effect legislative, legal and judicial reforms to reduce impunity, and/or improve government transparency. Examples of potential activities include, but are not limited to, projects intended to decrease corruption (including assistance towards implementing aspects of the UN Convention Against Corruption), or remove barriers to prosecutions in areas such as gender based violence, TIP or sexual harassment or cases affecting youth, vulnerable, or marginalized populations.

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The New Children’s Agenda Print E-mail
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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

Belize City. May 15, 2017.   Today is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Families under the theme, “Families, education and well-being.”  In commemoration of this day, Belize through the National Committee for Families and Children made this 15th day of May quite monumental and symbolic as both the Prime Minster Right Honorable Dean Barrow and Leader of Opposition Honorable John Briceno made their global proclamation with the signing of the new Children’s Agenda 2017 – 2030.

The Agenda is a result of a framework that looks at the development of children and adolescence age 0-19 over the next 14 years.

The new Agenda focuses on the role of families and family-oriented policies in promoting education and overall well-being of their members.  In particular, the agenda is to raise awareness of the role of families in promoting early childhood education and lifelong learning opportunities for children and adolescents.  This agenda will be achieved through a strategic action plan that includes six (6) transformational goals and outcomes.

This Agenda is underpinned by Government’s international commitments to children and adolescents; inter alia the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  It is also grounded in national policies, strategies and actions such as Belize’s Horizon 2030, Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy (GSDS), the National Commitments on Early Childhood Development, the National Youth Policy, and the National Parenting Framework, Curricula and Implementation Plan.

The Children’s Agenda 2017-2030 is grounded in our determination to make Belize the best place for a child to grow up. It reflects our firm belief and commitment to the fact that there is no alternative but to invest in an enabling environment which supports the fulfillment of children’s rights.  Therefore, the embedded vision of this plan is to have a nation where the rights of all children are respected, protected and fulfilled; where their voices are heard, and they are supported to realize their maximum potential.


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