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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

wade.jpg - 63.93 KbIt must be the heights of hypocrisy for anybody to be behaving in the manner in which Louis Wade is behaving. He has taken up the mantle of being some kind of crusader on behalf of Pastor Llewellyn Lucas who was brutally killed on Friday July 15. What is hypocritical about Wade’s actions is that he is trying to somehow raise public sentiment against the government over the killing of Lucas. But what Wade is failing to tell Belizeans is that he turned his back on Pastor Lucas on the very day he was killed.

By his own admission, Lucas had come to him for an audience but Wade categorically stated that, “he was on our list of people who had to go through a special kind of screening or vetting process.” Lucas had reached out to Wade and instead of receiving him as a friend even as a fellow pastor, Wade closed the door on him and chased him away. On Friday July 15, Wade wanted nothing to do with Pastor Lucas. Giving him the cold shoulder must now be eating up Wade, in fact on his appearances on his morning show following Lucas’ death he is looking more and more disheveled. He seems to not be getting much sleep and apparently is not even grooming himself.

Guilt is one hell of a thing and now Wade is crusading. He is now selling Lucas’ t-shirts, organizing vigils and on Tuesday gathered a few PUP sympathizers and went to Belmopan to stage a protest all on behalf of ‘Pastor Lue.’ This seems like the actions of a man who is seeking atonement!

But Wade is not alone, he is joined by Scott Stirm, who also claims to be a pastor and who was also acquainted with Lucas. Stirm was also in Belmopan and is somehow seeking justice for Lucas. What Stirm is failing to do is to say that he was not in talking terms with Lucas. In fact on at least two occasions, Lucas publicly chided Stirm for the manner in which he was treated. On one occasion he called the Business Hour to complain about Stirm’s behavior against him and he also publicly stated on Hamalali radio in Dangriga his grievance with Stirm.  

Apparently when the pastors had gone to the border to have a prayer service, he got into a heated argument with Stirm who threatened to throw him over the fence in Melchor. This was the subject of his last show on the last Sunday before he was killed.

Now anyone can see the two hypocrites, Wade and Stirm pretending to be Lucas’ friend when one of them turned his back on him and the other threatened him with physical harm.
Ohhh... these pastors.

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Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presents 10 million dollar grant to Government of Belize Print E-mail
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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

taiwan check.jpg - 79.49 KbOn Thursday July 21, His Excellency Benjamin Ho, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) presented a cheque in the sum of Five Million US Dollars to the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Development of Belize. 

The cheque is the grant from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Belize for the year 2016 under the Bilateral Cooperation Program between the two countries. The purpose of the grant is to help the overall development of Belize, particularly in the development of transportation infrastructure.   

The Government of Belize will use the funds to cover a part of the expenditures on key infrastructure projects, including the Belize City Southside Poverty Alleviation Project Phase II, the extension of the Southern Highway – Golden Stream, Jalacte to the Guatemalan Border in the Toledo District, and for the Santa Elena/San Ignacio Downtown Bypass Road Project.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

The ministry of health improved the mobility for patients in two health posts in the country on Tuesday July 26.

Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin along with his minister of State Hon. Angel Campos officially handed over two new Ambulances to the northern and southern regional health managers. One of the ambulances will be deployed to the San Antonio Polyclinic in the Toledo district while the second will be used at the Northern Regional Hospital in Orange Walk Town.

Also handed over was a pickup truck which will be used for Vector Control activities in San Ignacio.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

Belmopan. July 22, 2016.    The Government of Belize (GOB) informs that a dispute has arisen between the Government and the Ashcroft Alliance over the recent BTL compensation award handed down by the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

GOB, after the most careful examination by a number of its experts, argues that the wrong rate of exchange was applied by the Arbitral Tribunal in arriving at its ultimate compensation figure. GOB also submits that the Tribunal’s calculation of interest was mathematically incorrect. Both mistakes by the Tribunal prejudiced GOB and resulted overall in larger sums being awarded than were justified. GOB has 30 days from the date of the award to seek rectification, and its overseas lawyers have now prepared and are filing the relevant application.

For its part, the Ashcroft Alliance questions the currency split used by GOB last week in making the first half payment of the award. It will be recalled that the award was divided into two by the Tribunal, with 40% of the total representing the non-Accommodation Agreement portion and 60% representing the Accommodation Agreement portion. The latter, according to the Settlement Agreement, is payable in Belize dollars and can only be spent to fund projects in Belize for the benefit of the people of Belize. The 40% is payable in United States currency and belongs entirely to the Ashcroft Alliance as compensation for the acquisition of their BTL shares.

Thus, GOB last Wednesday paid half of that unrestricted 40% of the award in US dollars to the Alliance, and half of the Accommodation Agreement 60% portion of the award in Belize dollars in trust for the people of Belize. But the Ashcroft Alliance now contends that half of the total award, and not just the 40%, should be paid in US currency. Apart from the foreign exchange implications, such a position would also short the Belize dollar portion reserved for the people of Belize.

The Alliance has now applied to the Caribbean Court of Justice for an interpretation supporting its contention. But that is a contention which would utterly violate the Trust set up for the people of Belize with the Accommodation Agreement money, and significantly reduce the number of projects to be funded for their benefit.

GOB will therefore employ all its will and all its resources to resist and defeat this new perfidy that the Alliance is attempting to perpetrate.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016 00:00

A Youth Empowerment Camp 2016, which began at the Saint Ignatius High School on Monday of last week, is ongoing for a second week with the involvement of youths from around the Cayo District. A total of 75 youths, ages 10 to 18 are engaging in useful activities that will be serving them for a lifetime.

Now running for the 10th time, the idea for a Youth Empowerment Camp was first envisaged by retired Police Officer David Henderson, which has evolved over the years to now bring the best from inter-agency cooperation. From Wednesday of last week, members of the Election and Boundaries, the National Drug Abuse Control Council and the Department of Youth have been included in facilitating with the lessons. Both Cornerstone and the Belize Family Life Association were also involved during the two weeks program.

Program Organizer Ciriaco Medina, head of the Community Policing Program from the San Ignacio Police Formation, would like to thank Mr. Jose Zuniga from the Cayo District Education Center for making a presentation on disasters, Mr. John Trapp for educating youths on the Rules of the Basketball games as well as WPC Joan Stanford for discussing Community Policing Programs. 

On Thursday of this week, the youths will be visiting Koop Sheet Metal and Western Dairies in Spanish Lookout to learn more about business ventures. A highlight of the two weeks will take place at 10:00 am this Friday with the distribution of trophies to the youths who have excelled in the variety of empowering courses.


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