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Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00

brackett.jpg - 46.63 KbAccording to a news story appearing on Love Fm's Monday evening newscast, Giovanni Brackett and COLA want to be consulted by the SSB before they make an investment in BTL, one of the most lucrative companies in the country. The SSB must ensure that they keep the workers pension fund at a healthy level, where the SSB will be able to make good on payments when called upon by those persons who have been insured under the SSB. There is only one way they will be able to afford to do so and that is by investing those monies. By nature the SSB pays more money than it takes in just from contributions. So if they were not to invest, then the pension fund would dry out.

According to Brackett, in pitching the 55 million dollar investment to SSB, the Ministry of Finance wrote a letter to the SSB reminding the SSB that they, the SSB, are always looking for good investments and that they have realized huge returns from the other three investments they made in BTL before.

Brackett claims that, "the SSB is a Statutory Instrument and is a governmental creature," by the way Mr Brackett the term you should have used is a Statutory Body or Cooperation and not a Statutory Instrument, which is the name of a piece of law. As a journalist you should have been familiar with the term Statutory Instrument since it has been in the news almost every day for the last 2 months. Bracket went on a confusing conversion that spoke to some global meltdown to talking about exports going down and imports going up. We don't know where imports and exports fit in the conversation because neither BTL nor SSB is into those types of businesses.

Giovanni Brackett went on to state that  COLA is calling for an immediate halt on the sale of shares to the  SSB and that the SSB board should hold public consultations with the entire public in each district, where the government outlines specific purposes for which the funds derived from the sale of the shares would be used. In particular he wanted to know if those monies would be used to pay salaries and if the government was cash strapped and needs money to pay workers. He also wants for pensioners to be consulted and given a chance vote on whether they want SSB to take up the investment. Giovanni also wants to know why COLA being a grass roots organization and social partner was never consulted on any of the decisions that have been made.

We have a few words of advice for Brackett. "Sir there is nothing wrong with the government agency handling the sale to remind the SSB of how good an investment BTL is . We cannot all be the ones to make each and every decision in government or at SSB because we may never make any step forward that way. And sir COLA only has 12 members so they can hardly call themselves a grassroots organization. It would be good if you could get a few more persons to join COLA, so that Belizeans would start to pay you attention. And sir make sure that the conversion is lucid. Finally sir, there is a very nice nurse at a clinic on Faber's road near the Excelsior High school, her name is Nurse Bennett. She has helped many people with the type of problem you have, only that you would need to go for treatment often."

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Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00

Out of professional courtesy towards our opponents , the once grand old party, the PUP, we would not have quoted the numbers coming out of the Village Council Elections so far. However the PUP has as usual been trying to cook the books in an effort, to try and project an image that they are putting a hurting on the UDP and winning these elections. It is now left to us to set the record straight. To the PUP we will say like Jack Smith use to say “BECAUSE YOU ASKED FOR IT!”

In these elections that are being held in 190 villages there were a total of 1330 seats up for election. That breaks down like this: 190 Chairpersons and 1140 councillors. Those elections were broken down to take place over a six week period. In week 1 on the 5/6/16 there were slots for 43 Chairpersons and 258 Councillors up for elections. The UDP won 26 Chairpersons slots and 136 Councillor’s slots while the PUP won 14 Chairperson’s slots and 88 Councillors slots, the independents won 3 Chairpersons slots and 16 slots as Councillors.

Week 2 on 12/6/16 there were slots for 41 Chairpersons and 246 Councillors up for elections. The UDP won 24 slots as Chairpersons and 153 as Councillors. For the PUP it was 13 Chairpersons and 66 Councillors while the independents got in 4 Chairpersons and 24 Councillors. Moving along to week 3 on 19/6/16 of the 35 Chairperson’s slots and 210 Councillor’s slots that were up for election, the UDP got 24 Chairpersons and 134 Councillors elected. The PUP got in 9 Chairpersons and 76 Councillors. While the independents got 2 Chairpersons elected .Week 4 on the 26/6/16 the UDP got 20 Chairpersons and 124 Councillors elected. The PUP got 10 Chairpersons and 89 Councillors elected, For the independents they got 2 Chairpersons and 9 Councillors elected.

Over the 4 weeks the UDP has gotten 94 Chairpersons and 547 Councillors elected , that’s a total of 641 seats. On the PUP side they got 46 Chairpersons and 319 Councillors elected, for a total of 365 seats. The independents got 11 Chairpersons and 49 Councillors elected for a total of 60 seats. That is to say there has been a total of 1092 seats filled in 156 villages. That breaks down to 156 Chairpersons and 936 Councillors.   With only two weeks of voting to go there are 238 seat left to fill. That is broken down as follows 34 Chairpersons and 204 Councillors seats. If the UDP were not to contest another seat, even then the PUP would not be able to garner more seats that that UDP to break that 13 years PUP LOSING STREAK! Those are the numbers and numbers don’t lie!

Bureau of Standards cracks down on businesses who abuse the public Print E-mail
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Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00

The Belize Bureau of Standards issued a release in which it states that a number of businesses have been prosecuted for a number of violations. The release states that in collaboration with the Police department it moved in on businesses in the Corozal and Toledo districts.

The businesses include J-Mart Supermarket in Corozal  which was charged $150 in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court for failure to indicate prices of goods. In Punta Gorda, PG Shop was fined $500 for failure to indicate prices of goods. Also in Punta Gorda, Brad’s Store and Maria Super Store were fined $500 for offering for sale priced controlled goods at a price higher than the maximum selling price permitted. All the fines were made under the Supplies Control Prices Regulations. 

In its release the bureau states that there are 3 other files which they have prepared against businesses in the Stann Creek district. It adds that it continues to maintain vigilance of the market to ensure compliance and warns commercial establishments engaged in the retail and wholesale of basic commodities that failure to comply with the Supplies Control Price Regulations will result in fines and or imprisonment.

Economic growth halted by marine and agriculture woes Print E-mail
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Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00

The first quarter preliminary estimates on the country’s economic performance is out and, according to the Statistical Institute of Belize, the economy contracted by two percent from January to March of this year. The total value of goods and services produced in the first quarter was $718 million. This is $14.7 million less than the same period in 2015.

Jefte Ochaeta, Statistician of SIB, says the primary sector continues to struggle. The primary sector experienced a decrease in output of 34.1 percent in the first quarter of 2016. This comes after a 27.4 percent drop in the fourth quarter of 2015 and a 35.5 percent fall in the third quarter. The struggle in the primary sector is due to a slow recovery for several major industries. Marine exports decreased by 78 percent, largely due to a significant fall in shrimp production. Marine exports fell from 4.5 million pounds in 2015 to 955 thousand pounds in 2016. Banana shipments declined by 42 percent, from 28 thousand metric tons to 16 thousand metric tons, due to the closure of Maya King Farm, one of the major banana farms, and the lingering effects of flooding in late 2015. Citrus production was also down 17 percent, from 115 metric tons to 95 metric tons because of smaller crops and aging trees.

The secondary sector saw an overall increase of 4.2 percent despite the continuing fall in crude oil extraction. The driving force behind the growth in this sector was a strong performance in “Electricity and Water” and “Construction”. Electricity production increased by 54 percent, with hydro generation surging due to high reservoir water levels caused by early rain. Water distribution increased by 7 percent as access was expanded to the Belize River Valley and other rural areas in the country. Construction increased by 12 percent, as municipal infrastructure projects continued across the country. Beverage production experienced an increase of 13 percent, mainly due to increases in both beer and soft drinks. Though there was a 27 percent increase in sugarcane deliveries, sugar production fell by 4 percent due to low cane quality. Crude petroleum extraction fell by 18 percent.

The tertiary sector, which accounts for about a half of Belize’s total economy and 67.7 percent of jobs, grew by 4 percent during the first quarter of 2016. There were about 15 thousand less cruise ship passengers but 17 thousand more overnight visitors. This reflected a growth of 5 percent in the accommodation and food services category. Wholesale and retail activities recorded a moderate growth of 2 percent and Government services rose by 12 percent.

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Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00

The headline of the Amandala last weekend ……..!!
GOB “ON CRACK” Says Opposition PUP!
I can only imagine the body language behind the fence when Johnny said the following statement: [quote]:  “ It is almost as if……on crack…”.
The image of the elite behind the fence lifting their knee in delight, laughing and holding their crotch….[very Belizean manly way of reacting; some may even call it cultural], and saying; “ buay….luk pa weh di man se” ; buay….!!!! He no di joke…!
Anyway, I decided to read the article and then….IT JUST CRACKED ME UP!!!!
For example, Johnny says:
“….trying to find every which way to get their hands on money…..
“ …piggy bank, the Social security Fund, the people’s money”
‘…risking the people’s money”
It just cracked me up!
The Amandala, unlike the reporter, does not have an insert of ‘Humor’ but the article made up for it!!
The article inevitably transported me in a time capsule to the decade 1998 -2008. The Amandala, always in full support of “history” will be proud of the fact that I took a peek at the decade!


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