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Thursday, 10 May 2018 00:00

Daniel Guardado, a 43 year-old working man in Belize City, was murdered over the weekend in an unexplained and apparently senseless shooting. He reportedly had no ties to the streets or criminal activities, yet, he was ruthlessly shot and killed by a gunman who police are now looking for.

Police say that at around 9:35 p.m., on Saturday, May 5, 2018, they went to the KHMH where they found Guardado who was already pronounced dead on arrival, as a consequence of multiple gunshot injuries to his body.

About an hour or so before, he left his friends at a mechanic shop at the end of Vernon Street. He was in the company of long-time friends and co-workers, since he worked there for many years. He left there on his motorcycle to go purchase ‘fonto’ (tobacco) leaves so that they could share a smoke of marijuana.

Residents of Partridge Street Extension, who wish to remain anonymous, told the press that they saw him pass by another mechanic shop on that street, and he reportedly went to see his long-time friend a short distance around the lane. That friend was reportedly not at home, but his brother was, and so Guardado was speaking with him.

There is some confusion on whether his motorcycle was having some sort of difficulty, or whether he was simply pushing it to conserve fuel. While he was having a conversation with his friend’s brother, however, a gunman reportedly rode up on bicycle and parked it at the junction on the other lane around from Guardado’s friend’s home.

That gunman reportedly then pulled out his weapon, before Guardado could be warned that his life was in danger, the shooter opened fire injuring him several times in the upper body and his back. He tried to escape, but he collapsed in a nearby drain, where it is believed that he bled out. The shooter reportedly then walked to the junction, and in the chaos of the gunfire, there were a group of people socializing at the nearby mechanic shop. That gunman reportedly fired about three shots in their direction, most likely to cover his escape from the crime scene. He then jumped on his bike, and according to eyewitnesses, he casually rode away and escaped. First responders rushed Guardado to the KHMH, but it was already too late to save his life.

No one knows why Guardado was targeted by this gunman, but there are those in the area who believe that the shooter was looking for someone else. That assailant couldn’t find his intended target, they suspect, and so he was an easy alternative to send a message to those in this neighborhood.

All of Guardado’s friends are stunned by his violent murder, and they can’t understand why the life of a hard-working man, such as him, was cut short. He is originally from Belmopan, and he has been employed by several mechanic and vehicle body-work shops in the city. His friend described him as humble and easy-going.