Three charged for kidnapping Mexican diplomat Print
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Thursday, 22 March 2012 00:00

A Mexican Diplomat, who was in Belize, had a very frightening experience after being kidnapped on Monday March 13th. Police have since caught the alleged kidnappers and they appeared in Magistrate’s Court on Monday March 19th.

The men18-year-old Delton Jeffords, a resident of Raccoon Street Extension. Noel Alamina, 25, a resident of Kelly Street in Belize City and 24-year-old Roque Middleton, a resident of Barakat Street, were jointly charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnapping and robbery of Domingo Rodriguez-Semerena. The victim was robbed of his black  2007 Audi and his cell phone.  In court, no plea was taken from Jeffords, Alamina or Middleton as the matter is presently being dealt with on indictment.  The three men were also unrepresented.

While they were charged with robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnapping, Noel Alamina and Roque Middleton were also charged separately for handling stolen goods. Middleton was additionally charged with one count of handling stolen goods after he was found in possession of Semerena’s vehicle. Alamina was charged also with one count of handling stolen goods for being found in possession of Semerena’s cell phone. Two others who are said to have been found in possession of stolen items belonging to Semerena are 23-year-old Derrick Sanchez, a construction worker of Ladyville and 36-year-old Ralph Middleton, a resident and laborer of Biscayne Village. Both Sanchez and Ralph Middleton were charged with one count each of handling stolen goods.  Ralph Middleton was charged for having in his possession a fuel receipt book belonging to Semerena while Sanchez was found in possession of the keys for the vehicle.   After the charges were read to the 5 men, bail was denied to all including Sanchez and Ralph Middleton,  despite the fact that the charge of handling stolen goods is not an indictable offense.  The Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith remanded all five men into custody.  The men are due back in Court #1 on April 25.

In a police report, 50-year-old Domingo Rodriguez Semerena told police that at about 6:45 p.m., he was giving a friend a ride to a house on an unknown street when he was carjacked. Semerena said that as the person exited the vehicle, two other men entered. One of the men had a firearm. The men then ordered Semerena to the back seat of his car and they drove off with him. He was taken to a house where he was later tied up and left.  He claims the men also robbed him of his cell phone, gold chain, cash and they also took his vehicle along with other personal items.  According to Semerena, he was held overnight by a guard before he was released the next morning at 7:00 when he was taken to a swampy area on the Northern highway and left there by his kidnappers.