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Thursday, 14 March 2013 00:00

On Thursday, March 7th, a jury of 12 people found 22-year-old Dwayne Evelyn not guilty of the February 17th, 2010 murder of Peter Myvett. Myvett had been shot and killed at the corner of Kut Avenue and West Street in broad daylight.

The jury stepped into the deliberating room at 18 minutes to noon and by 4:16p.m. emerged with a unanimous verdict of not guilty.

After hearing the verdict, Evelyn wasted no time and ran out of the court room and disappeared.

Myvett met his untimely death at around 12:00 noon in broad daylight whilst at the corner of Kut Avenue and West Street as he was washing a bus. He was shot multiple times to the body. He had four gunshot injuries to the left side of the neck, right upper arm, right rib cage and right upper back.

In court, the prosecution argued that Evelyn was the masked man who was seen pulling the trigger. However, the crown’s main witness could not identify Evelyn as the shooter, since he said the gunman wore a mask and had on a cap. Nonetheless, the crown presented circumstantial evidence from Sgt. Nicoli Palomo, who claimed he came upon Evelyn as he was removing the mask and warm cap and throwing it away.

During the sum up, Judge Adolph Lucas told the jury that where there are inconsistencies such as this one, it is up to them decide who they should believe. That they must consider whether or not that witness is lying or simply just not remembering all that had happened. He continued to explain that the Crown was relying on circumstantial evidence since none of the witnesses identified Evelyn as the shooter.

In his defense, Evelyn gave a sworn statement from the dock where he gave an alibi. He told the court that he was at home assisting his mother at the time of the shooting.