Boom Posse shoots Man in the Face Print
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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00

Ladyville police are looking into a shooting incident where Belize City resident 43 year-old Giovanni Berry ended up being shot in a case that resembles vigilantism.

 It happened on Saturday, March 1, in the pre-dawn hours, where a group of about six residents of the Burrell Boom Village stormed a house he was taking care of. At around 1 a.m., someone broke into Chad Gillett’s home in the village and stole his licensed 9 mm pistol. Fortunately, Gillett woke up in time to catch the thief as he fled. Gillett fired a shotgun blast at the unknown man, who seemed to have been hit by pellets, but he managed to get away on foot. Gillett then immediately called the village police officer, and got a group of his close friends, who are owners of licensed weapons, and they went out to do their own investigation.

It turns out that the thief abandoned a bicycle in his haste, and the group found paint on it that they matched to the color of the house that Berry was taking care of. Berry was just finishing up a paint job on the house, so he was inside sleeping, since he had pulled a late-nighter to try to get the job completed by the next day.

The police version of the story is that the village police officer led the crew to the house and identified herself as an officer but no one answered. That’s when one of the crew members, a civilian, reportedly walked up to the house to inspect, and supposedly a gunshot came from the house, which missed him. It caused enough alarm that the group of about 6 armed individuals unloaded their shotguns and 9mm pistols on the house.

Pellets from one of the shots struck Giovanni Berry in the face. He said that he woke up to the sound of gunshots. He said that he heard the sound of a single gunshot, and then people yelling and cursing for everyone inside the house to come out. Immediately afterward, Berry said, he heard about 30 more gunshots, and he realized that he had been shot in the face. He said that he kept calm and called 911, which got police over to him. When the officers showed up, they took over, and ordered him to hand himself over, which he did, and he was rushed to KHMH for treatment.

At this time, police aren’t charging any of the crew members who unloaded on the house. They also don’t believe that Berry was the gun thief, but they have to keep investigating. Six weapons have been confiscated from the men who went out with the police officer.

Berry has told the media that his recovery will be slow and painful, and after that, he may initiate legal proceedings against the men who fired indiscriminately.