New LOVE sign at Guava Park Print
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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

The Guava Park located in Belama phase 1 has a new sign which according to the designers will help create peace and happiness to those who visit. On Tuesday August 1, Mayor Darrell Bradley, attorney Steve Perera and businessman Jose Ketz  unveiled a LOVE sign in the park.

According to Perera who’s brainchild the sign was, this most recent one was made to create a feeling of love within the community. He said it will be used for families and couples to forge better relationships taking photographs in front of it. He said that other signs which include two BELIZE signs and a postcard type frame were geared for tourists. The LOVE sign is geared to help create a closer community and offer a sense of happiness.

The sign was built with contributions from Perera and Ketz and Mayor Bradley says this is exactly that kind of partnership that the Belize City Council encourages. He says that he was grateful for the generosity and vision by these citizens to engage the City Council. He added that ventures like these give a sense of pride and purpose to public spaces. Bradley noted that these initiatives fill financial and creative spaces where the city council may fall short.