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Thursday, 10 August 2017 00:00

Most will agree that sports and music are two productive and safe ways to develop young people and Music Ambassador, Shyne Barrow, knows this all too well as he continues to promote both for the betterment of Belize’s youth.

Most recently Shyne has been involved in a number of initiatives to promote both these programs and while it may not have made headlines Shyne donated a Jean Baptist tenor saxophone to the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence music program. This is in line with the ambassador’s push to promote music learning to young persons. The saxophone will be key to the music program as it promotes the playing of music.

Also in music, Shyne held an Open Mic night in Punta Gorda in honor of Lascell Martinez, a bright upcoming musician who was viciously attacked and killed a few weeks ago. During this tribute there was a free music concert as well as the usual competition during which 1000 dollars was handed over to Jah guidance who won the tight competition.

In sports, Shyne secured a basketball rim and backboard for the Armadillo park in Mesopotamia. That park has a small basketball court but lacked a rim. Through his lobbying, Shyne was able to secure the fittings.

Finally for the month of July, Shyne hosted the Mesopotamia summer 17 basketball tournament during which team ‘Unruly’ won 500 dollars in cash; Boyz in the Hood won 300 dollars in cash and Thug Ballers won 200 dollars in cash.

Its the little things that are making a difference, and Shyne is definitely making a difference!