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Thursday, 28 September 2017 00:00

If one did not know better, after listening to the Independence Day Address delivered by Belize’s Constitutional Leader of the Opposition, Hon John Briceño,  one could have easily assumed that nothing positive, was going on in Belize. His speech was full of negatives. And to put it blankly, we don’t even know if many of those negative things that he spoke of are really factual. We don’t know who wrote the speech for Johnny this year, but what we suspect, is that there is a mole/speech writer in Johnny’s camp. That person is perhaps someone who Johnny trusts, but that person is also friendly to the Musa faction of the PUP. Whomever that person is, he or she, was used to set up Johnny and thus make Johnny look bad .We suspect that the task of setting up Johnny was not a difficult job to accomplish because Johnny was a very easy mark. He is not one of the sharpest knives in the drawer. In fact he may be right down there at the bottom of the drawer with persons like Raddo and other notable PUP dull knives.

Apparently Johnny is unaware, that like most voters around the world, Belizean Voters are very skeptical of POLITICIANS who only use negative campaigning. Voters are of the opinion that politicians who are affected that much by their blindness for power are not suited to hold office. Some strategists say that an effect of negative campaigning is that while it motivates the base of support it can and will alienate centrist and undecided voters from the political process, reducing voter turnout and radicalizing politics. Our present day voters are much more intelligent, than some politicians may be aware of. They will listen and examine what the various campaigns are about and in the end, make intelligent decisions. The days of mudslinging politics are over. Voters don’t want to be bombarded by mudslinging. What the modern voters want is issue based campaigning. They want the politicians to be able to sell themselves by bringing positive plans and ideas to the table. The voters want politicians who will be able enhance what is there in order to give them continuity based on whatever good was done and left there by their predecessors. They don’t want the politics of breaking down and destroying whatever good was done before.

There are a lot of positive things that Johnny could have spoken of. We will just list two of those positives that Johnny turned a blind eye to. He could have spoken about the rural electrification project that the European Union along with the Government of Belize and Belize Electricity Limited implemented. That project brought Electricity to 500 households, 27 communities, and 13 farms in the south where the PUP control three of the four seats in parliament. Another thing that he could have spoken of was the TWENTY-TWO (22) MILLION DOLLARS being invested in the sugar industry and we are sure he knew about this one, because only two days earlier, the media asked him for his opinion about it and in his response he gave a GLOWING REVIEW, yet he did not even mention it two days later, as if though he did not say the things that he said two days earlier. That investment is intended to save our SUGAR INDUSTRY, which will be facing hard times after preferential quotas come to an end in one week’s time. The sugar industry should have been Johnny’s number one interest, since most of his constituents, make their livelihood from sugarcane. Those are only two of the many things that this government is doing. The list of positives is so long that it would take up the remainder of this essay and a few others, so we will stop at those two.

Sure, it is not that we are saying that all is well. We will not be like the OSTRICH and bury our head in the ground pretending that all is well. We know for example of the problems at Immigration and the Lands Departments, but we have taken the bull by the horns and have made changes and we are continuing making changes to improve the way business happens in those departments. We have made difficult decisions which even included removing MINISTERS from cabinet because of perceived wrongdoing.  This government is unlike the PUP who rewarded THEIR MINISTERS for wrongdoing, by giving them promotions. We in the UDP can stand up proudly and say, that our Prime Minister, will and has made the bold decisions to discipline members of his cabinet, even if it means that those decisions will upset the APPLECART!  Some will accuse us of portraying ourselves to be self righteous for that, but that is a title we will gladly accept, because we have the historical facts on our side . We can prove that we’ve been the ones who discipline our people.

Johnny’s speech was so utterly bad that even Raymond Rivers, the professional heckler /activist for hire , who it appears to have been retained by the PUP, to go and disrupt , the Prime Minister’s presentation, could not contain himself and started to heckle Johnny, during Johnny’s speech. Rivers’ outburst, really got to Johnny. He forced Johnny to stop speaking. The police had to move in to rescue Johnny by evicting Rivers. Talk about “biting the hands that feed you.” Prime Minister Barrow sat down through it all and awaited his turn to make his speech and rubbished Johnny’s entire speech and with one line the PM destroyed Johnny’s entire Independence Day speech. He told Johnny that, “ your speech sounded no less desperate in Spanish.” The P M made it clear  that Independence Day is no time for cesspool political rhetoric, even if delivered piccolo. He said that he would not engage in any back and forth with those hurling brickbats and lobbing stink bombs. The PM stated that he therefore would not even venture to point out the pharisaic nature of a campaign mounted by people whose own horribly disfigured tenure is a matter of historical record. His speech was quite the opposite of Johnny’s speech, it showed balance. The PM’s speech, although it highlighted a lot of the positives going on , he also mentioned some of the setbacks and shortcomings we’ve had.

That was the great difference between the two speeches. Johnny’s speech was dull, uninspiring, monotonous and YES filled with an undertone of desperation. We are hopeful that next year, whoever the new LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION is at that time, will make a speech other than that made by Johnny, because not only was Johnny’s speech a desperate sounding presentation, but it also sounded pitiful and according to some folks that we have spoken to, “he sounded UNMANLY. “ The PUP needs to get its act together quickly, because under Johnny’s leadership they are poised to swap places with a third party. The PUP will then become the THIRD PARTY.