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Friday, 06 October 2017 00:00

It seems like no sooner had last week's edition of the Guardian Newspaper hit the streets, did we start to hear some chatter that young Kelvin Usher had either been found or he had made contact with one of his parents. Not only had we carried the story of his disappearance as our headline but we also felt close to the story because Kelvin and his family are well known to some of us and our families here at this newspaper. In our story we highlighted the story about the disappearance of seventeen year old Kelvin Usher, who had gone missing some four days earlier. We now take you back to Thursday morning. It was around a few minutes after 7:30 a.m. that we started seeing Facebook chatter that either young Kelvin was either found, or he had made contact with his parents or his location was known. We began to make inquiries but those inquiries were not turning anything positive. As we mentioned before, not only had we carried the story of his disappearance as our headline article, but we at this newspaper knew Kelvin and his family very well and were ourselves hoping and praying for good news.

It was not until around just after 10 a.m. when we were able to confirm that Kelvin was indeed in the company of his father Cameron "Ras Ruben" Usher and that they were on their way back to Belize City to link up with the rest of his immediate family, relatives and friends, who were all very anxious to see him. The reason why our verification of the story of him being found alive and well was difficult was because even some of his family members we contacted were either not willing to speak or were denying the story or they themselves were not sure about whether he was indeed found. We did not post the story of him being found on our SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE until we had verification from one of the most senior police officers in the country. Here at this newspaper we don't go with unsubstantiated stories and with this particular issue we were even more meticulous, because we did not want to cause his family emotional distress, if his being found turned out to be false.

To make a long story short Kelvin was indeed safe and around just before midday last Thursday he arrived at his father's Sibun Street home, much to the delight of a crowd of family, neighbours, friends, well wishers and of course media persons. As a nation we were all delighted about Kelvin's safe return and most people did not have much questions to ask. However that all changed after a Press Conference that had been scheduled from the day earlier by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Police and the Police Top Brass. Maybe it was because of the information that was revealed at that press conference by the police who relayed what Kelvin had said that made people start to doubt the narrative of what was being told to the public. Basically many people believe that there was more to the story than was being told to them. The wild stories and conjectures that are out there, we won't even bother to report on. What we will say at this time though is that people embarked on social media poking holes into the story. Some persons were very skillful and creative with their posts and comments. The MEMES and GIFFIES they created were very funny. We in Belize certainly know how to take BAD THINGS for LAUGH indeed.

Thoughout the period when it was made known that Kelvin was missing and up to Thursday night of the day on which he returned home, there was a spirit of consciousness in the nation and that consciousness was being lead by our young people. The young people, many of whom were students, were on the front lines. Many of those youths we saw and spoke to on the Wednesday during a protest march, knew what they were doing. They were doing their protest peacefully. Now there were some of the activists youth for hire who were along with usual suspects who were mixed up with them and they were the ones who were up to no good. Those persons included the FAKE DOCTOR, RAPIST/STUDENT FOR LIFE, MULTIPLE RANK SOLDIER and THIEF/ CRAZYMAN. If those youths were not focused, things could have gotten out of hand fast. We listened to the youths in their interaction with the police officers on the ground and we can confirm that it was very cordial. It made us pleased to see our young people getting involved with social issues. Our hope is that they become critical thinkers. We want them to be independent thinkers and if they feel the need to leave the classroom or home or their jobs to take to the street to express their feelings on an issue, we are all for that, even if it means that they become engaged with the government. That is what democracy is all about.

However what we don't support or will never support is when those well documented POLITICAL PARASITES try to take advantage of the honest process started by the young people and try to spin it for their own selfish quest for power and fame. For many people this thing was a chorus line, used to feed their gaping egos and need for attention. They came up with all sorts of stories about the GSU. Some of the stories ranged from the GSU kidnapping Kelvin and holding him hostage to the GSU killing and burning or burying his corpse. We know that GSU has a reputation of roughing up suspects at times and that they are not the general populace's favorite policing unit. However they are not the monsters they were being portrayed to be. The GSU members are products of the very society we live in. We need to understand that they have a difficult job to do and that job doesn't take place in a nice and calm air conditioned office. Many at times that job has to be done in very hostile and volatile situations, where they must respond appropriately in regards to the environment.

We need to admonish those for whom the situation was never about the child and what his family was experiencing. The people we are speaking of, at no time were worried about Kelvin. Not when he was missing and certainly not now that he is back home. Now that Kelvin is safe we have bigger things to discuss, like what should be the protocol used by the police when doing such operations and how and why was the child placed in a position where he was at or around a MARIJUANA PLANTATION. We need to learn and build from this unfortunate situation and take away something positive. This situation must not pass us by and we don't take away anything positive out of it .We should not let our collective minds as a people be distracted by those who may wish to create mischief all for their personal gain. If we do, certainly we will see history repeat itself, with a similar occurrence, sometime down the road.

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