Aragon Christmas cup winds down Print
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Thursday, 07 December 2017 00:00

The Aragon Christmas Football Cup which has been running for the past five consecutive years is in its final leg. After eight weeks of intense competition only four of the eight teams that signed up remain. With three more weeks to go and the final game tentatively scheduled for the 17th December, only the best have survived so far. Progresso, Carmelita, Guinea Grass  and San Jose Palmar are the four teams which will battle it out to see who walks away with the coveted 00.00 first Prize. The second place winner will take home 00.00 and third place settles for 00.00.

Football is the sport which attracts the most participation from young people in the Northern Districts of Corozal and Orange Walk. Hundreds of young persons and their relatives converge week after week at the Louisiana Field in Orange Walk East to participate in and witness the competitive display of football talent which never disappoints.  Honorable Elodio Aragon, area representative for Orange Walk East has been sponsoring this activity for the past five years, because he believes that sports is one of the avenues which leads to a healthy and productive lifestyle for healthy and productive citizens of this nation.