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Thursday, 21 February 2013 00:00

NigelNigel Petillo, of BGYEA fame, has taken to the airwaves to say that he will be holding a demonstration next week. What Petillo is not telling the Belizean public is that since he began to advocate for land, the Ministry of Natural Resources has immediately responded to just about every request that he has put to the Lands Department. Even more, those requests have been attended to with undue speed. It is because of Petillo that the Lands Department has had to open on weekends to process and deliver the land leases to people who have applied.

Of  1,040 names that originally made up the list of people who were to receive an acre of land at Harmonyville at mile 42 on the George Price Highway, 803 lease applications have been processed with 87 of those needing to be picked up at the Lands Department. The rest of people on the list have not been processed because there has been no application to the Department.  Additionally, what Petillo is not saying is that originally the list was compiled and submitted for people to get land in Harmonyville but have not been able to get the land because their names were scratched off and replaced by others. The reason for this is unclear; what we do know is that there are numerous people who have approached the Lands Department claiming that they have paid money to the BGYEA organization for land which they simply have not received.  It is likely that they have not received the land because their names have been scratched off the master list and replaced by other names. We patiently await while Petillo tries to answer this complaint.