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Thursday, 29 August 2013 00:00

COMPOL Allan WhylieActing commissioner of police Allen Whylie was officially confirmed to the position as commissioner. Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar, made the announcement on Wednesday, August 28th. The Guardian spoke to Whylie who explained that it was a good feeling to know that he is the new commissioner. He stated that he had no doubt that he was competent and capable of doing the job of compol and was pleased that the government gave him the opportunity to do so.

Under Whylie's tenure, there has been a sharp decrease in major crimes, murder in particular, in Belize City. According to Minister Saldivar, that can be attributed to many factors, including an excellent management team that is now heading the police department. Whylie concurs with that observation and added that the change of command at Eastern Division along with the decentralization of policing through the precinct system along with the emphasis on community policing and community partnerships have also contributed to the crime reduction. He added that sharing of information by citizens with the police and other programs that have been instituted by the government and municipal bodies have also played a part in crime reduction. He concluded that the running of intelligence-based operations have also assisted greatly.

Whylie concluded that efforts will continue to be made to ensure that the successes that are now being enjoyed continue. There will always be spikes and lulls in crime he added, but the police will continue to do what is necessary to reduce crime rates.