Benque House of Culture Celebrates 12th Anniversary Print
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Thursday, 03 October 2013 00:00

Irma Puc and her rope basketsHundreds of persons from Benque Viejo del Carmen and surrounding areas came out this past Saturday to Celebrate Benque’s House of Culture duo-decennial anniversary at the historic Centennial Park in that most Western Town. It was an opportunity over the weekend for entrepreneurs to showcase their products as well as artisans to show their talents.

Whether it was the aroma therapy, herbal, deodorant or facial soaps produces by the hands of Dona Dougal Sosa of Bella Dee’s from Santa Elena, Cayo or the rope containers produced by Irma Puc from Benque Viejo, there was a chance for producers of fine products to meet potential buyers. Also, having booths at the Centennial Park were the Cayo West Women in Business and the Seed of Life, a pro life group.

Nurse Anita Hall from the Mopan Polyclinic was on hand at the Centennial Park, giving free tetanus vaccines to those who needed it. Antonio Beardall, Research Assistant from the Institute of Archaeology also joined in to explain the origins of cross-border obsidian blades and other interesting facts in his field.

Two main economic engines from Benque Viejo Town, Cubola and Stone Tree Records, also had their products on display at their booths on this 12thAnniversary of the Benque House of Culture. Edson Menjivar proudly pointed out the most recent album, from the Garifuna Collective, a twelve song CD, which is now at number two on the World Music Charts and comes as a follow up to Andy Palacio’s, Watina.

As night fell a concert was held featuring the ‘Rompe Rajas Musical Band’, coming all the way from San Pedro; with the full sponsorship of Benque’s Mayor, His Lordship Miguel Velasquez.

But this is just a preview of what is to come from the Benque House of Culture; on November 14, 2013, the International Cultural Festival will start at various locations in Benque Viejo del Carmen. With some assistance coming from the Mexican Embassy, artists from both Mexico and Guatemala will be participating in theatrical musical performances. (The Benque House of Culture would also like to remind that the deadline for the submission of photos for their photographic competition is on October 25, 13.)

For photographers, Benque Viejo del Carmen itself is a photographer’s paradise, offering numerous sites to focus on, such as the ‘Chiclero’ mounting a symbolic tree at the entrance of Benque Viejo Town. For photographers, there is also the magnificent and centrally located Roman Catholic Church; richly designed and in bright colors, nestled among rows of well kept houses and gardens.

Benque Viejo Community leaders have expressed a commitment to place Benque Viejo Town on the tourism map and are doing so by hosting several entertainment events in the near future. Our walk through the main streets of Benque Viejo del Carmen this past Saturday has revealed many historic and cultural sites that will no doubt beckon all visitors.