The PUP vultures in Belmopan Print
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Friday, 01 November 2013 00:00

The PUP vultures in BelmopanWe are not certain if, of all the PUP political vultures circling the flooded areas of Belmopan, Rutilia Logan Supall was circling the lowest, but what we are certain of is that someone opposing her from within her own political party put out her dirty laundry on Facebook.

A posting appearing on the social network has a police record which was issued on the 22nd of August showing Supall as having a police record in which she was convicted for Wounding and was bound over to keep the peace for a year in default she was to spend a year in jail. The conviction is recorded as having taken place on the of  3rd of November 2009. It would appear that the old saying made famous by Hubert Elrington, that the PUP is a Criminal Organization involved in politics is still holding true.

Whatever the case, the Belmopan convention for PUP caretaker is heating up by the minute. Last week the candidates were at each other tearing down their opponents posters. This week they blasted Ruth on Facebook and the rare sighting  of Amin Hegar wading in water in the outskirts of Belmopan was also documented. That is not to say that the other candidates have also not been out like hungry vultures but it did seem odd that the decrepit man was out. We were scared that he might catch pneumonia.

We'll keep an eye on this convention as it unravels and the players keep on beating one another.