Eulogy for Clarita Leonie Dyer Geban Print
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Thursday, 28 November 2013 00:00

Clarabelle Leonie Dyer Geban was  born December 24, 1937.  At this time in history Belize was undeveloped and largely unknown on the world stage. The times were simple, the people were unsophisticated but honest.  Her father was Alfred Dyer Senior, the patriarch of the family.  Her mother was Madeline Haylock Dyer. The Dyer family earned a living by exploring the vast resources of the sea surrounding the coastland and the cayes. She had five brothers, three of whom on the Dyer side were hardened sea-fearing men.

While the boys joined their father in the fishing community, Clara the only girl, went on to St. Hilda’s College and earned a diploma.  This was the first for her family. At twenty-one years, she met Louis Geban and were married. Clara worked for many years at the Belize City Council as a tax collector.

Throughout her life she was passionate about her church,  her family, and politics.  Like her father before her, she lived for the church in which she was baptized and in which she grew up.  At St. Mary’s was actively involved in fund-raising projects, especially the St. Mary’s Feeding Program.  Her family was critical of her. She was extremely proud of her children and would let everyone know that.  Her family, however, extended to many people, included relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Everyone who knew her knew about her passion for politics.  She began her political activities on the early nineteen sixties and never stopped.  She passionately campaigned and supported the United Democratic Party and all its previous iterations.  Even though she was uncompromising to the other party, she was a red-blooded Belizean patriot.  She loved the country and was grateful to be a Belizean for her brief time on earth.