PUP Stuck on Penner Print
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Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

The PUP is back on the prowl to try to recall Elvin Penner from his seat as Area Representative in the Cayo Northeast Division. On Monday, March 31, a mere 4 days after Penner’s arraignment in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court, Lisa Shoman, acting as attorney for Orlando Habet and 4 other residents of Cayo Northeast, filed an application in the Supreme Court.

They are trying to get the court to grant a judicial review of the decision of the Chief Election Officer, Josephine Tamai, to reject 337 signatures when their recall effort was formally presented. Tamai explained the different issues which presented themselves when they were vetting the signatures to see if the threshold has been met, and in her opinion those signatures were irregular that's why they were disqualified.

In January, almost immediately after the recall petition failed, the PUP claimed that they intended to take this matter to court, but it took them some 2 months to finally work up to it. It’s a rather interesting coincidence that in the short time following Penner’s highly publicized criminal charging, that this maneuver is put into motion.

At this stage, they are seeking leave to bring the application for judicial review, and they must prove that they have enough evidence to warrant a full review before the court grants that leave. The case has just ended up at the Supreme Court, and it has not been scheduled in for a hearing as yet.

It seems that the PUP will never be satisfied with Penner. Readers will recall that the reason the petition failed was because the list of those who signed it included what can only be described as fraud, where the names of people appeared up to four times bearing different signatures.