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Thursday, 26 June 2014 00:00

pg garbage truck.jpg - 98.02 KbThe situation at the Punta Gorda Town board is worsening by the day. The Ministry of Local Government has taken steps to appoint a Financial Controller to try to get a grip of the situation in that municipality after the current PUP Mayor, Anthony Fuentes, has proven himself to be completely incompetent. Even as steps are being taken to rescue the situation, things are worsening.

The garbage collection in that town is almost non-existent and the garbage that is actually collected is taken to the dump site and thrown in the middle of the road. Even the garbage truck itself leaves a lot to be desired. These days it is seen being driven around the town with one of its wheels missing. The town board does not even have money to buy a tire.

More than being unable to buy a truck tire, the finances have reached to such a state that employees were not paid on Friday, June 20, as they should have been. There is no telling when they will be paid or how long it will be before the financial crisis of the town board can be fixed. It would seem that the residents of Punta Gorda will continue to suffer under these circumstances until the next municipal elections are held in March of next year. At that time Fern Gutierrez will be elected as the new UDP mayor of the town and then, and only then, will things become better.

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