Clutching At Straws Print
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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

Was scanning for the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC Monday night when I heard an annoying nasal drawl on Love FM’S “Business Hour” which could only be Traffic Torres”. I paused to listen to which straw this surrogate PUP was clutching at this week, and he actually had two issues: Land erosion in Barranco, Seine Bight and Placencia and the alleged use of coast guard vessels to transport a football club to San Pedro.  Unlike Troy Gabb and Darrel Carter, I am no expert in land reclamation so I will not comment on the former issue.  The latter point was the main issue of political contention this week, not only from Traffic T, but at several other media outlets. If this accusation is true regarding said issue, I personally  have no qualms with Government Ministers using GOB resources to assist in sports. Isn’t it the same thing when a sports team goes to The Ministry for a financial contribution to cover travelling and subsistence costs? Why must we attempt to create an outrage from a frivolous situation? Are we so starving for political news headlines these days?

It seems that after the Penner testimony, the fervor at the Senate hearings has fizzled. So far we have seen no smoking gun against Ministers of Government. Now we want to hear what Ms. Jaws from James Bond has to say in her testimony. With all due respect, the noise in the galleries during the hearings are unwarranted distractions and serve no purpose. The UDP Government is not losing points at this stage of the hearings; in fact, the PUP is. You see, they had promised the Belizean public startling revelations of Ministerial corruption at Immigration. Wrong department, you chumps! The only consequential factor from this exercise is that Government has forgone hundreds of thousands in lost revenues from the suspension of visas to Eastern applicants. So too has the private sector, like hotels and restaurants, from loss of visitors to our country. This is the ultimate goal of Daemon Courtnay; to harm our economy any which way, once the UDP is in office.

Anyway, the political musings this week is that Julius and the rest of the bench players are still with this notion of a palace coup thing within the PUP leadership. They really want Johnny out and a Musa back in. Did you know that during the PUP leadership convention in 2008, Briceño supporters were actually chanting the UDP theme song “we no waan no Ralph Fonseca!”? This still di bun Francis bad!

This brings me to my little humor this week. The other day I was wearing a bright blue tee shirt and one of my friends commented that it seemed that I was switching loyalties to the PUP.  I told him that my shirt was literally burning my back, and it had nothing to do with the scorching heat these days. Take care fellow Belizeans!