The Silence is Killing Us Pt. I MEN ARE SUFFERING SILENTLY TOO Print
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Written by By Jemma Simone Williams   
Friday, 07 September 2018 00:00

My name is Jemma Simone Williams, I am a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Narcissistic/Emotional Abuse. When it comes to abuse there is always a shame attached to it, either we are ashamed of allowing the abuse or being victimized by society for staying. It’s not easy to leave an abusive relationship, I used to be a person who would wonder why people would stay in something they disgust, I used to be judgmental towards people who stayed for so long and always gwento back to their abusers but now I understand due to my own experiences. If you haven’t been there yourself, you don’t understand what it’s really like.

Speaking out against abuse has been encouraging in so many ways in our society and worldwide, iIt’s quite fascinating how many survivors have thrived over the years and carry on their recovery to another level by helping others, it shows that survivors have the strength to overcome their biggest obstacle in life.  I am a woman and I am proud to be a woman, however, I am quite disappointed when it comes to how our society and nationwide deals with abuse. Too many people many think abuse is only a womeen’s issue, it’s like us women are put on a pedestal above men just because we are women, only uwes should be taken care of or feel pain from abuse. It doesn’t make it okay and it doesn’t make it right, abuse is abuse regardless of gender, abuse doesn’t come with specifications and the impact along with the recovery process depends on the length of time the abuse happened.

In childhood abuse, some people experience vague memory of being abused, some experience vivid memories and others choose to dismiss and repressed their memories in whatever means necessary. Although many of us survivors wish there was a shortcut when it comes to recovery, true healing from abuse happens when we break down the walls of our fears; digging up all of the untruths and replacing it with the truth. Many survivors of abuse believe they are unworthy, not good enough or were being told that they were not good enough or useless, some experience abandonment and physical abuse by their parents. In my experience I was molested by a woman, she was my babysitter at age 5. The experience was tragic, it was my first sexual experience as a child, and to have your trust broken by people who are not strangers is the worst experience a child can face. Many people in our society “victim blaminge”  us survivors of childhood abuse. One day I was purchasing an item at a store and during that time a 5 year old girl was molested by her father, while being at the store, a woman was talking to the cashier about the molestation, I was totally shock when that woman uttered “That 5 year old wanted to be abused, she asked for that”. It’s very sad that there y are people who think this way. No one asks to be abused, absolutely no one, regardless of age.