The Amandala’s Colin Bh & Rape Apologism, Misogyny, Racism, General Ignorance (Pt. 2) Print
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Written by By Samantha Singh   
Thursday, 07 November 2013 00:00

Of course it is not your right to touch, but thank you for stating the obvious. I will grant to you your Foucauldian claim that imprisonment is an awful form of punishment, but that is all I will grant. If only we applied this type of logic to issues that were not chiefly womens’. Yeah theft is bad, but prison is too serious a punishment! Yeah embezzling is bad, but they’d be able to pay the fine anyways. You know what actually is really bad? Molesting an innocent party. You know what is arguably worse? Deciding that something you have never and will never experience is not terrible enough to warrant a certain kind of punishment then proceeding to release a dangerous article about it. You know what is definitely worse than that? Involving racial ‘humour’ (this was an attempt at humour right?) in what was already a steaming pile of applied prejudices:

I have heard it being promulgated by some ignorant “black people” in the USA that lashing must be outlawed because it reminds of slavery. I say, lashing did not begin when slaves were taken from Mother African and brought to the New World. Aha, simple-minded “white people” in the USA are only too willing to yield to this back way thinking.
If you’re still with me folks, don’t you worry, it gets better - and by better I mean it slowly descends to depths you would not think possible considering that at this point, we are already far below sea level. But we are still going lower. This article was the Marianna’s trench of awful, and the submarine is descending, fast.

I can’t believe that some of our women believe that there is no difference between stealing a young boy and stealing a young girl. (I heard Ms. Alpuche discussing this matter). I am sorry to be rude to our beautiful women, but unu noh di mek sense ya. I challenge them to find and present the parents who would say if they were faced with the decision of having their 12-year-old son molested by a thirty-year-old woman or their 12-year-old daughter molested by a thirty-year-old man, “give up the girl.” It is impossible that these crimes carry the same penalty.

Rape is the most heinous of crimes and deservedly carries severe penalties.

But the rape of a male by a male is more heinous than the rape of a female by a male. Consider that (1) the female might one day fall in love with the male; (2), the female provoked the immature/crazy male to commit this act; (3), it is a natural act; 94), the female might be entirely whorish, so the act is of little consequence.*

If I were to change one thing about this article it would be to black out everything but that one line,”rape is the most heinous of crimes and deservedly carries severe penalties.” This, Bh, is the only thing you got right, the only thing you didn’t manage to cook the goodness out of using one part ink and two parts ignorance. This is the only thing you did not ruin.

But then you follow it with rape apologism used to support a theory that was homophobic at best, and then here I am, ripping my hair out trying to understand what kind of person writes these things down and doesn’t immediately rip up the paper, what kind of person thinks these things and doesn’t try to just forget it, and worse than that, what kind of editors would read this filth and deem it suitable for mass consumption. Because you and the editors who allowed your garbage to be published are hallmarks of the institutionalised misogyny that permeates every facet of culture in Belize. You prove that even the media supports this disgusting way of thinking and you exemplify why it will continue to be unsafe for women in our country because when the media at one of it’s highest levels appears to promote violence against women, what is safe?

Rape is rape and rape is heinous. It doesn’t matter how many sexual partners the victim had beforehand, it doesn’t matter if the victim is male or female (although the statistics prove that female rape is more of an endemic), it doesn’t matter how she dresses, it doesn’t matter if the rapists thinks she was “provoking him.” If a crime is visited upon an innocent party, and your response is to tell the woman that she was “entirely whorish, so the act is of little consequence,” then Colin Bh, my rebuttal is simple; you are entirely ignorant, so the act of me bashing in your skull is of little consequence.

If the Amandala wishes to remain a respected media outlet and salvage what little respect is still allocatable for them they will sever all ties with columnist Colin Bh, because unless they wish to have themselves forever aligned with someone who believes that there are any positive results possible from rape of any kind there is no other option. It is dangerous to allow someone to publish ideas that could even slightly (though there was nothing slight about Bh’s tirade) seem to be supporting violence against women. Keeping him on would both be a terrible business move and socially irresponsible. In any other country, Bh would have already been booted out the door upon his first draft reaching the spell checker. This man no longer deserves his soap box. It’s time to take it away.
Hey, because of space constraints I will withhold my comments on the penalties for sex with an underage person until next week.
Here’s hoping we never have to hear what he thinks about sex with a minor. That’s all up to you, Amandala.