PUP De-Press-ed Conference… Johnny Knows Nothing and Musa defends Accommodation Agreement Print
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Thursday, 07 July 2011 00:00

On Wednesday July 6th the PUP called a press conference to ‘score political points’ but in the end all that was accomplished was to expose that Johnny Briceno, the so called PUP leader, really knows nothing and can take his party nowhere. More than that Johnny told the entire nation that as a leader, he is unable to take a position on pressing national issues.

Those national issues include the 15 million dollars that the Mena group was attempting to borrow from Social Security, the Nationalization of BTL and the amending of the constitution in order to maintain all utilities in the hands of the government and people of Belize. When asked about his party’s position on these issues, he invariably responded that no position had been arrived at. It’s a typical reaction by a man who is not a leader- unable to decide whether he is coming or going.

Such an incompetent leader he is that on legal matters he had to ask Lisa Shoman to answer questions posed to him as the party leader. But his ineptitude reached the highest limit when he asked Arthur ‘the serial caller’ to speak at the press conference. Arthur who crawled from out of some caveman’s cave had the gall to say that the PUP has been against Ashcroft all along.

Right after Arthur exposed his stupidity, Said Musa, took to the podium to defend the Accomodation agreement which he and Francis Fonseca signed for Michael Ashcroft to bleed the taxpayers of this country dry. Musa had the nerve to say that when the Accomodation agreement was signed the telecommunications industry was in chaos. He went down memory lane to revive the old Intelco demon and the internet for schools program which Ralph Fonseca told the Belizean people would have been for free when in reality they paid 10 million dollars for.

All the while Briceno, the not so brilliant leader, sat by with a bewildered expression on his face. He was probably amazed that he has such characters running again for the PUP. Or maybe he was thinking what he would write on his Facebook page, most recently, and most famously writing that He, Said Musa and the whole lot of them have apologized for the evil they did to the country in their last term in office.

A word of advice to Johnny, stick to writing on Facebook cause press conferences are just not for you, especially because it exposes you as an inept, incompetent buffoon who calls himself a leader.