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Thursday, 11 January 2018 00:00

Rigo Vellos proclaims to be the hope for Corozal as the PUP mayoral aspirant for the town and for most who don’t know him you would think that he is squeaky clean. Well the Guardian newspaper has been furnished with some documentation which proves that Vellos is anything but squeaky clean.

In a letter provided to us addressed to Vellos and dated September 19, 2008 it states that:

“An investigation was conducted by Internal Audit Services on reports of unaccounted funds for manual receipts, issued by you as Cashier.  Based on their findings, management has decided to dismiss you for the following reasons:

i. Funds collected were not brought to account, and

ii. Lack of duty of care in serving the financial document.

The total amount of $690.60 confirmed as cash shortage based on the manual receipts issued will be deducted from your entitlements.”

By our reckoning, Vellos was collecting money, $690.60, to be precise for Social Security and it was not being turned in to the institution. To us that amounts to petty theft and was the reason he was terminated as a cashier at Social Security Board.

Now in terms of office positions, a cashier is one of the entry-level positions that an individual can hold in an organization. Nonetheless it is a position of trust, for someone to be fired from that position because of shortages, or should we say theft, is not a flattering position to be in.

Vellos is now seeking the office of Mayor of Corozal town. With such a not so flattering departure from the Social Security Board, the people of Corozal need to know the kind of individual Vellos is. If he cannot be trusted as a lowly cashier at the Social Security Board, how can he be trusted as the Mayor of Corozal Town.

The people of that municipality need to be reminded that if he were to ever be elected as mayor, he would not only have access to $690.60, he would have access to a hell of a lot more finances to the tunes of millions of dollars. If he cannot be trusted as a cashier, how can he be trusted to be a mayor.

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