The People have decided UDP 6 municipalities, PUP 3 Print
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Friday, 09 March 2018 00:00

The voters across the country in all municipalities came out on Wednesday March 7 to decide who it is that will lead them for the next 3 years. After much consternation the results began to come in early and it was evident that the UDP would not be able to maintain the dominance which it had. Corozal was among the first municipalities where it was clear that the PUP would claim a victory. And they did so by a margin of just over 200 votes.

In Orange Walk it was a bigger victory for the PUP as they were able to secure a victory by a margin of over 2800 votes. The shocker for the UDP was Belize City where the PUP were able to gain ground on the constituencies that they have representation in as well as add to victories in areas like the Pickstock division as well as gain significant grounds in areas like Albert, Port Loyola and Collet.

The gains are something that have shocked even the most avid of PUP supporters in particular because of the extent of work that the UDP has done in Belize City. Nonetheless, they are now the custodians over the next three years and it is yet to be see what agenda it is that they will be pushing for Belize City and the other two municipalities which they have won.

And while the PUP now control 3 municipalities, the UDP lost a councilor in Dangriga with the PUP winning only one councilor candidate there. All others represent the UDP. Mayor Humphreys continues with his program of work in that municipality. Surprising to no one was the UDP’s win in San Ignacio with incumbent mayor Earl Trapp, Khalid Belisle and his councilors in Belmopan performed magnificently. In Benque, Marconi Sosa who was once the mayor of that municipality returned to the seat to head the town.

A battle grounds  were in Punta Gorda and San Pedro, nonetheless with great organization through the efforts of Juliet Thimbriel, in Punta Gorda, the victory was secured despite an onslaught of money which was pumped by the PUP in that municipality. San Pedro was the last municipality to be declared and it was always a nail biter with often times the PUP gaining the lead then losing it and gaining it then losing it until finally the UDP secured the victory.

And while the UDP now control 6 municipalities, in all those where we were unsuccessful, the split votes played a major role in how the votes ended up.