Rebecca Stirm wins reality show fashion challenge with Belize-inspired design Print
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Thursday, 12 April 2012 00:00

Rebecca's design on the runway - Credit Alty Benjamin Jr.AGSelectPR, Belize City, Monday, April 9th 2012: 

Roaring Creek native,Rebecca Stirm, emerged the winner in a culture-inspired challenge in the second episode of Caribbean Fashion Designer Reality Series Mission Catwalk, filmed in Kingston Jamaica.

Stirm and 14 other designers were challenged by host and executive-producer Keenea Linton-George to “create an outfit that reflects the style and culture” of their individual countries joined by “the common thread of independence.” The designers, who hail from Barbados, Guyana,  Jamaica and Trinidad, were challenged to work within a short time frame and with a US$20 budget.

Rebecca, 24, used Belize Hispanic and Mayan culture as inspiration for her design worn by model Abenah Gonzalez.

“We are nestled in between two Hispanic-speaking countries so unlike the rest of the English –speaking Caribbean we have a lot of Hispanic influence.  I chose the cut of my dress from kind of that quince anos bigger skirt (full skirt) small bodice and then chose to do the embroidery based on more of the Mayan culture.  I really wanted my piece to have a lot of oomph out on the runway so I wanted a lot of material; I  actually looked in the curtain section for material. I was able to get a lot of this very, very light; airy fabric  for a little bit of money since we were on a tight budget. I added embroidery to give it some detail and  intricacy.”

Rebecca was the first of the show’s designers to win a challenge as no winner was declared in the first episode where five contestants went home.

She describes her win as exciting. “I was really, really excited to be the first to win something, that’s really huge and I got so excited that when I went to leave the stage, I tripped on my model’s dress and kinda fell on her.  It was really funny. I was over excited definitely” said Strim.

Rebeca, who calls her fashion label Fancy Purple Paint, says she has enjoyed the intense experience of the reality show.

“The experience so far I’ve had to learn how to definitely think on my feet very quickly.  We get a challenge and we have to execute it all in a very short period of time, so I’ve had to choose fabric quickly, sketch quickly, sew quickly; everything has been fast.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting the people, the internationals and the Jamaicans; it’s been great connecting and getting to know everyone. I really like Jamaica so far it’s very similar to Belize; actually, it’s kinda like being at home but just different people.”

Rebecca and the remaining 13 contestants are vying for JA$3 million in prizes including the chance to show at London Fashion Week.

Mission Catwalk airs on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm Belize time and repeats at 4:30 PM on Thursdays.